Should You Buy or Rent Your Wedding Tuxedo?

rent or buy tuxedo
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Deciding whether or not your future hubs should buy or rent his wedding tuxedo can depend on so many different things, it can be hard to figure out! We thought it would be helpful to list the questions you should ask that will help you and your fiancé decide which way to go:

1. What’s your budget?

While you can rent a tuxedo from The Black Tux for around $125, it will cost you around $800-$1,200 to buy one from J. Crew or Brooks Brothers, while a Brunello Cucinelli tuxedo can cost you close to $4,500.

2. Will you wear a tuxedo again?

If you’re having a formal wedding and definitely want to wear a tuxedo, you should consider if you foresee other events in your future that you might potentially wear a tuxedo to. Do you like to go to formal parties such as charity galas? Perhaps you are on the wedding circuit and are often invited to black-tie weddings. Figuring out where you might potentially wear a tuxedo to in the future can help you determine if buying one is worth the investment.

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If you have the budget and/or you think you’ll wear a tuxedo again, then I think it’s definitely worth the investment (my husband also says it’s a good excuse to stay in shape, since every time he wears it he can see if it still fits him. LOL) If your budget is on the lower side, another thing to consider is wearing a suit instead (especially if you’re not having a formal wedding). While my husband has only worn his tuxedo a handful of times, it’s something he’ll own forever (and renting one would have cost him money each of those times).

Talk to us! Is your groom going to buy or rent? Let us know in the comments section below!

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