The Best Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes, and What to Know About Sizing

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

To splurge or not to splurge? That is the question when it comes to wedding shoes. While common sense says, “hey, you’re only going to wear these shoes ONCE, why spend a lot?” another part definitely feels like you should get the best shoes for your wedding day possible. After all, it’s not every day you get married! And if you’re going to splurge, Jimmy Choo is definitely THE brand to consider. But are they worth it? And are they at least comfortable? Read on to find out what real brides say, and what you should know before buying a pair of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes.

What to Know About Jimmy Choo Shoes

The history of Jimmy Choo and his brand of shoes is not unlike other famous shoe designers. Choo, born in Penang, Malaysia in 1948, grew up in a family of shoemakers and made his first pair in 1948. (Salvatore Ferragamo, another favorite, made his first pair at 9.) Choo’s career started taking off in the late 1980s, and became particularly popular when Princess Diana started wearing his shoes in the 1990s.

In 1996 Choo co-founded Jimmy Choo Ltd with British Vogue’s accessories editor, Tamara Mellon, and by the early 2000s the shoes were appearing on shows such as Sex and the City as the shoes to own.

While Jimmy Choo sold his stake in the company and his no longer directly involved with them, the shoes still have icon status and remain a coveted shoe to wear, especially at your wedding. They remain one of the top 5 luxury shoe brands, alongside Christian Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Salvatore Ferragamo, and Giuseppe Zanotti.

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Jimmy Choo uses Italian sizing. Their sizes range from 34 (a US size 4 ) to 45 (a US size 13). While it can vary depending on your foot shape and size, Jimmy Choo shoes tend to run slightly small and narrow, and some brides choose to go up a half size. Make sure you try them on ahead of time and buy from a store that has a flexible return policy in case they don’t fit.

Shop the bridal collection here.

Heel Height:

If you’re not familiar with Jimmy Choo shoes, you’ll notice numbers in each of the names. This refers to the heel height in mm, which means the higher the number, the higher the heel. For example, the Love 85 shoe is 85 mm, or 3.3 inches high. Jimmy Choo wedding shoes (and all of his shoes) are categorized as follows:

  • Low Heel: 35-60mm
  • Mid Heel: 65-95 mm
  • High Heel: 100-150mm

Deciding which heel size to get is up to you and what you’re most comfortable with (and how much height you actually want to gain), however it’s important to note that even if you change into more comfortable shoes (such as sneakers) later at the reception, you’re still going to be wearing these heels for hours without sitting down much. Because of that I think a safe bet would be a 65 if you want some height and still want to look like you’re in a classic heel. If you want a kitten heel, their 45 is perfect. Just be aware that they do not have a lot of styles to choose from in the 45-65mm range. If you feel comfortable in an 85mm, you’ll have more options.

WGM Says: You’ll want to have the exact shoes you’ll be wearing with you when you go to your final wedding dress fitting. That’s because the seamstress will need to see how much to take up your dress in relation to how much of your shoe you want to show.

Made to Order Jimmy Choo Shoes

If you’re looking to put your own spin on a pair of Jimmy Choo wedding shoes, you can also choose from their Made to Order shoes and handbag selection. For shoes, you pick from over 20 silhouettes. Then, you select your heel height, fabric (satin, leather, glitter), strap typer, personalization (a date or name plaque), and size. They range from $1,400-$1,500+, and can take up to 12 weeks to ship to you, so make sure you plan accordingly for your fittings and wedding date.

Are Jimmy Choo Shoes Comfortable for a Wedding?

Talk to most brides after their wedding and you’ll likely hear the same complaint: My shoes were KILLING me. To be fair, almost any pair of shoes (aside from some sneakers and flats) are going to be uncomfortable wearing them for 5+ hours. I’ll tell you that I wore a pair of Nina shoes, and by the end of the night I actually thought my feet might be broken. They were that sore!

Brides we’ve heard from who have worn Jimmy Choo wedding shoes have mixed feelings on them. Those who wear heels often said of the “big” designer shoes (IE: Louboutin’s), Choo’s are fairly comfortable. However one trend we’ve noticed is that for brides who wore the higher heel heights (85mm+) they were not as comfy. Those who did have a good experience mostly wore 45mm’s.

WGM Says: No matter which designer or heel height you choose, it’s always a good idea to buy flats for the end of the night! You can go more casual (sneakers) or keep it elegant with a pair of white mules.

How Much are Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes?

Like most designer shoes, Jimmy Choo’s are on the pricier side. Their wedding shoes start at $695 for the Romy flat, and go up to $4,900 for the glitter Avril heel. If you are on a tight wedding budget, these are not the shoes for you.

While their shoes are higher than other name brands, you can also find Jimmy Choo wedding shoes on sale during special events, so be sure to keep an eye out online, and sign up for the Jimmy Choo newsletter so you can stay up to date on their sales.

Where to Find Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Jimmy Choo shoes are not hard to find, but their wedding shoe collection can be trickier. While stores like Nordstrom will have a good selection of styles, if you want their entire wedding collection shopping on the Jimmy Choo website is your best bet. Otherwise, you can find Jimmy Choo shoes at these popular retailers, below:

In Store and Online:

Online Only:

While most brides tend to go for Jimmy Choo heels, I think their flats are also a really chic option that you may actually wear again! You can see their entire bridal collection here.

Our Favorite Jimmy Choo Wedding Shoes

Ready to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes? We think these styles below go great with so many different wedding dresses.

Jimmy Choo Sacaria 120

Sacaria/PF 120

Jimmy Choo • $2,050

These platform sandals are embellished with oversized pearls to make a major statement.

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

Aurelie 65

Jimmy Choo • $895

Featuring latte patent leather and a slim heel, these can get you from the aisle to the dance floor with stylish steps in between.

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

Romy 85

Jimmy Choo • $775

The classic Romy heel is made wedding-perfect with a fabulous coarse glitter and pointy toes.

Jimmy Choo wedding shoe

Sacora 85

Jimmy Choo • $925

The SACORA sandal features vintage-inspired ivory floral lace with a whimsical pearl set within the peep toe.

Jimmy Choo heels

Romy 60

Jimmy Choo • $775

The Romy 60 in platinum ice dusty glitter is a great heel height if you want a chic and comfortable look. The same fabric also comes in a cute flat.

Jimmy Choo wedding shoes

Elme Flat

Jimmy Choo • $775

Speaking of flats, these classic white ballet flats will definitely get a ton of use after your wedding day. (Pssst! You can dye them after!)

Jimmy Choo made to order wedding shoes

Avril Made to Order

Jimmy Choo • $4,900

If money was not object we would definitely consider these Avril made-to-order pumps. The rose gold crystal covered shoes (also available in metallic) are what a modern-day Cinderella might wear.

Looking for more wedding shoes? Follow our wedding shoes Pinterest board for more shoe inspo!

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