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wedding website

When we were planning our wedding WAY back in 2010, wedding planning websites were far and few between. I remember scouring the Internet for a template that would allow me to customize my design, communicate with our wedding guests, entertain them with our love story and hopefully make them laugh/smile/and everything in between. And being able to access all that information on an app? Um, well, we barely knew what those were. OK, now I feel old.

If Joy was around when we were planning our wedding, I would have been…well, pretty friggin’ Joyful. We were recently introduced to this wedding planning website and I’m now a huge fan. Not only is it free (hooray!) but it offers a ton of awesome features that I’ve been trying out and am already obsessed with.

Here’s how it works:

1. Create your account at and enter your information, such as your names, wedding city and date, and a cover photo. You can completely control your Security Settings and who sees the information you provide.

2. From there you can customize your website and app design with your choice of photos, designs, colors and fonts. (We are pretty much font snobs and were SUPER impressed by their selection).

wedding website

3. Now for the fun stuff! You can create custom pages for your wedding planning app such as your love story, wedding registry, schedule of events, and wedding FAQ/RSVP questions.

4. Start to interact with guests by importing your guest list and sending out invites and other communications to them using the guest management system (you can even manage your wedding party and share a wedding timeline with them). Your invited wedding guests will receive an e-mail with your personalized URL and a unique code that will allow them to easily log in (and nobody else) as well as explain to them how Joy works…which will make the process that much easier for Aunt Martha.

wedding website

So this is where Joy starts to get really awesome. Once a guest is invited they can start to interact with you and your wedding website. Not only can they respond using the online RSVP system, but they can include their mailing address, share a fun fact with you (that you could incorporate later), indicate whether they’re single or “ready to mingle” (if they want to), and create a guest profile with photos, social links, and a bio. Once a guest is setup in Joy they can easily share share photos and other moments with you and your entire guest list before, during, and after the wedding to help capture all the fun. It would be so amazing to see what guests have to say/share at your big day!

wedding website

P.S.: Joy made our list of best wedding websites!

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