How to Save Money on Your Wedding Invites

Planning a wedding is expensive. Whether you opt for a black-tie affair, backyard barbeque or anything in between, a wedding isn’t free. (Unless you elope at the courthouse, of course. But…even then there’s fees!) 

Regardless of your budget, there’s no denying that planning your special day has some necessary (and some unnecessary) costs that add up, fast!

To save money, a great place to start is with your wedding invites. It’s a step you’ll encounter early on in the planning process, and you can set the tone for budget-friendly options early.

Here are our favorite tips for designing and mailing your wedding invitations on a budget.

Designing on a Budget

When it comes to finding the perfect wedding invitation, you can absolutely design your own, and do it on a budget. In fact, we recommend it! The best part? You don’t have to settle for quality, quantity, or aesthetic because Minted has options for everyone. One of the best ways to save is to multitask – and that means option for Minted’s All-in-One or Four-Panel invitations. They literally get everything done at once!

save money invites
Classy Type invites from Minted

All-in-One Invites

Designed by independent artists, the All-in-One invitation suites are priced as low as $1.50 each and are incredibly efficient while being gorgeous, too. They’re chic, smart, and contain all the information your guests will need in one 5.76″ x 12.03″ folded invite. 

The innovative invitation includes all your wedding details, guest reply card, recipient addressing and return address printing all in one, low cost. 

Some of our favorite All-in-One designs include the elegantly modern Classy Type by Hooray Creative, with eight color theme options and coordinating items available, and the Classic Monogram by Stacey Meacham, which features elegant foil details in horizontal bars with a beautiful custom monogram. 

Simply seal your All-in-One designs with the included three clear stickers (no envelope necessary!) stamp it, and send it off to your lucky guests.

(Not sure how to mail your invites? Check out our guide to mailing your invitations here)

Emyn savvy wedding invitations from Minted

Four-Panel Invitations

Also designed by independent artists with multitasking and budget savviness in mind, Minted’s range of Four-Panel invitations are folded invitations that are as low as $1.50 each! The cover, two inside panels and one back panel leave lots of space for including all the information your guests need. You can include ceremony and reception details, wedding website information, directions, and even a place to showcase your favorite engagement photos. 

We love the Villa design collection, which is simple and timeless with wispy cursive and small lettering below. (It’s also available as an All-in-One design, too!)

Another favorite is the aptly named Eloquence design, a formal and classic design on classic paper with gorgeous fonts that change between cursive and block. It’s available in 5 color themes — our favorites being black and white, or romantic rose. You can’t go wrong, and the simplicity makes it versatile enough for any type of wedding. 

As with all invitations, Minted offers free recipient and return addressing for both the All-in-One and Four-Panel designs. So, your envelopes will look above budget, while coming in at an affordable cost. 

Four-panel and all-in-one wedding invites can help you save on mailing, too!

Mailing on a Budget

The way the postal service operates is that weight increases cost, so the lighter weight your invitations are, the cheaper it will be for them to be mailed to your guests. So, when selecting an invitation suite, you’ll want to keep in mind that less is more. 

Another way to cut costs is to eliminate the need for RSVP cards to be mailed back to you, which saves you money on providing pre-stamped envelopes and is also a way to cut back on waste! Opt for online-RSVP instead. It’s a great way to stay organized and prevent having envelopes get lost in the mail, too. 

Looking for more ways to save? Keep the invitation simple! Only include the most necessary information like your names, wedding date and location, and save all the rest for your wedding website. (Which you can create with Minted, for free!) 

When it comes to saving money on your wedding invitations, Minted has some of the best options.. Check out all of their budget-savvy designs which will let you create the invitations of your dreams while staying within your spending limits. 


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