How to Pick the Perfect Destination Wedding Location

destination wedding locations
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Choosing your wedding location is about as easy as a Rubik’s Cube. From the number of guests and the accessibility of the location itself to the amount of rooms you’ll need to hold a hotel block, the logistics can get quite complicated. That’s why we’re giving you tried and true details on how to put ALL the pieces together without losing your mind along the way (trust us, it happens), with advice from our friends at who plan destination weddings (for free!!) all day long…

destination wedding locations
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1. Your Personality

We can’t advise this enough, but your wedding should really feel like you and your husband. If your couple vibe is low key – go the easy-breezy beach route. Over-the-top? Nothing wrong with that either! Choosing a destination wedding location should marry (pun intended) your personalities so the location truly feels like you. Beach? Garden? Cruise ship? Historical Castle? It’s all yours for the taking. You want guests to arrive at your wedding and say “That is SO Jack & Diane!”

destination wedding locations
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2. The Guest List

Like all weddings, the number of guests you expect to have will dictate your wedding venue. But it’s not just the number. Another helpful tip is to know your audience. Your guests may not be into a 36-hour journey to Tahiti, so you might want to avoid long-haul destinations. These locales are more difficult to get to, require guests to take more time off work…and then there’s the added expenses. Keep in mind things like, Should the resort be family-friendly? Adults only? Or, if guests will be traveling from the states, make sure the flight logistics are somewhat tolerable. If guests know they have to get on a plane, car, boat, a golf cart and a bicycle to get to the wedding, they may opt not to attend. And you don’t really want that (or do you?). Need ideas? Think Cabo for the West Coast and the Caribbean for the East Coast. These destinations are easily accessible and often provide nonstop flights.

destination wedding locations
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3. The Budget

Once you definitively decide on a budget for the wedding weekend, you’ll be able to pick a venue that meets your needs. That’s where all-inclusive resorts come in. A common misconception is that they’re not as luxurious as other types of resorts. But we’re throwing that out the window. There are so many AWESOME properties that cater to high-end luxury – and getting a flat rate across the board means not having to worry about penny-pinching once you arrive. Plus, through you can get exclusive offers from some amazing properties, giving you access to deals for you AND your guests. A win-win!

Looking for more budget-savvy inspiration? These cost-saving tips are a total must-read.

destination wedding locations
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4. The Research

If you’re anything like us here at WGM, you want to exhaust all options before actually choosing the one for you. And…it’s exhausting! That’s why working with a Certified Destination Wedding Specialist will take some of the leg work out of the process for you. By providing them with your ideal venue criteria they’ll match you with the perfect wedding destination and resort. This will free up your time to focus on fun things like exciting excursions while your away, or what shoes you’re going to wear down the aisle!

Ready to start planning your destination wedding? Connect with a free wedding planner at for exclusive discounts on hotels, wedding packages, and more!

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  1. I like how you said that you should consider your personality when choosing a destination venue. I am getting married this next year. Thanks for the tips on picking a destination wedding location.

  2. You’ve got great tips for choosing a destination wedding venue. Like you said, choosing a place should be my fiance’s and my decision. It’s our big day, and we want it to be perfect. Still, we’ll take into account everything else you mentioned here, too.

  3. says: Derek Dewitt

    My cousin is wanting to get married overseas, so thanks for sharing this. I like your point about how not all resorts are expensive and luxurious. It’s good to know there are venues outside of the country that are still affordable.