This is the Easiest Way to Make a Professional Wedding Photo Album

best wedding photo albums
PikPerfect’s Layflat Wedding Album

Once your wedding day has come and gone, you’ve unpacked from your honeymoon, and all your thank-you notes are (hopefully) written, usually the last thing you want to think about is organizing the hundreds of wedding photos you received from your photographer for a wedding album. While you can definitely opt for your wedding photographer’s album package if they offer one, with wedding album prices typically starting around $1,200 and up it’s often not the most affordable option if you’re looking to save. And sadly, going the budget route isn’t always the best way to go, either. Even though you can try out the same website you use to print your holiday cards for your wedding photo book, you could end up wasting hours deciding which photos to include and the order to put them in, only to receive a wedding photo album that looks and feels, well, budget. If only there was a great in between option that worked for every budget! Thankfully, we just found PikPerfect.

best wedding album creator
PikPerfect also offers linen or leatherette-bound wedding album photo boxes to match the size of your album.

PikPerfect is, we think, a great option for couples looking for a high quality wedding album without the photographer prices. And the best part? By using their expert design service (with unlimited free revisions) you get the expertise of a professional designer and photographer—not to mention the quality of an heirloom photo album—but end up paying what could be $1,000 less. That means you save a major amount of time and money, since all you have to do is upload your wedding photos and they do all the hard work for you. Here’s how it works:

Get $50 off your first album (minimum purchase of $100) with the code WGM50. Valid until 11/30.

flush mount wedding photo album
PikPerfect’s Flush Mount Photo Album

PikPerfect keeps the process as simple as possible with just three-steps. First, you choose your favorite wedding album type (Photo Book, Layflat, and Premium Layflat [Flush Mount]) and design style (size and cover type, such as Linen or Leather, as well as color). Next, you upload your photos, using the favorites you’ve already selected OR all of the ones you receive from your photographer, having their designers select the ones they think are album-worthy. You then select the layout you prefer the most and their designers work page-by-page to create your wedding photo album and re-tell the story of your wedding.

create your own wedding photo album

An online preview is then e-mailed to you within a few days, and you can make any comments or changes right there on the draft. Only once you are 100% thrilled with the design do you pay for the album, which is then professionally printed on archival-quality photo papers and rigorously checked to make sure each photo is optimized to print before it is shipped to you. That means no red eyes, no blurry or crooked images, and every page is light and color corrected. It’s pretty genius.

layflat wedding photo album
PikPerfect’s Layflat Wedding Album

PikPerfect’s pricing is also completely transparent—which we love—and works for every budget. We priced out all three options using their design service for a 12X12 album with 60 pages. The standard (Photo Book) option with a printed cover was $123.40 (plus $19.90 shipping per order), while the the Layflat was $223.40 and the Premium Layflat with a Linen cover was $569. It would have been just a few dollars extra had we uploaded ALL our wedding photos and had them select the best for $0.03 for each photo uploaded. Once your album is ready (the process normally takes 10-14 days to be printed and shipped to you, though you can expedite your album for an extra $25), you can also choose to add a gorgeous linen or leatherette wedding album box, or easily add a duplicate, smaller album (also called “parent albums”) to send to your family as gifts. (Yes, your grandmother will LOVE this.)

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best online wedding albums
PikPerfect’s Flush Mount Wedding Album

Trying to decide which option is best for you? Aside from your budget, PikPerfect does a great job of explaining the difference between all three photo album types.

best online wedding photo album creator

Our biggest takeaway when comparing all three was that the photo book used digitally printed paper (still of great quality but just not as thick as the other two options) and did not lay flat, while the lay flat and premium lay flat (flush mount) professional photo books offered used Fuji photo paper ranging from stiff to thick (1.1 mm white core). PRO TIP: This type of paper/album is usually only offered offered by high-end suppliers that sell to photographers, meaning you rarely find it from your typical online photo album creator.

Pssst. If you’re looking to create a beautiful wedding album without the help of a professional design service, PikPerfect also offers a great DIY option called Piktology. Simply upload your photos and let their super easy technology either auto-fill or auto-layout your pages, starting at just $39 for an 8 x 8 album. Click here to learn more.

best online photo albums

I have to admit that it wasn’t until I saw PikPerfect that I really thought about re-doing our wedding photo album (I made our first one online right after the wedding and was never really happy with it). It’s been 9 years since we got married, but the thought of dredging through all our wedding photos again with no idea of whether or not I was picking the right ones or laying them out in the right way really prevented me from starting the process. PikPerfect produces such high quality results (with practically none of my time spent on the process) that I no longer had any excuse. And now you don’t either!

Get $50 off your first PikPerfect or Piktology album (minimum purchase of $100) with the code WGM50. Valid until 11/30. Start yours now!

leather wedding albums
PikPerfect’s Leather Wedding Album

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