How Much Wedding Catering Costs Around the Country

Photo by J Woodberry Photography
Photo by J Woodberry Photography

When looking at potential wedding venues or trying to figure out where you should have a destination wedding (or trying to choose between you and your future spouse’s hometowns) knowing how much things will cost is definitely a BIG help. That’s why I’ve created this quick cheatsheet for catering prices around the country. While it’s no surprise that cities like NYC or San Francisco are going to be more expensive than Nashville, it helps to get a quick idea of just how much they can cost.

The prices below were compiled by me from various well-known and reputable caterers I’ve been in touch with across the country over the past year. They include, in most cases, the cost of a 3-course plated meal, an open bar, and rentals (such as serveware, linens, etc.). These averages, however, can vary greatly depending on the caterer or venue you’re working with, and can be a lot less or a lot more depending on food or beverage choices you make. Also note that a city like Denver does not allow caterers to provide alcohol, so the average per person price does not include it. Which, if you’re a bride getting married in Denver, is a huge plus!

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New York City


Los Angeles



Note: Off-site caterers can’t serve alcohol









San Francisco


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