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how to change your last name

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It took me two years to change my last name. Not because I wasn’t thinking about the decision (I definitely was), but it’s just that the entire process sounded tedious, annoying and honestly just SUPER time-consuming. At first not doing it was pure procrastination, then laziness, then it got way too complicated when we started to buy a house and I was going by both my maiden AND married name everywhere and anywhere. My advice? If you’re making the decision to change your last name, just buckle down and do it. But think about getting help with it first!

Admittedly, my life would have been made infinitely easier had I known about HitchSwitch, a personalized service that helps you with the entire process. Here’s why HitchSwitch has become our favorite go-to for brides who want to legally change their last name.

how to change your last name

Change Your Name Online, Not In-Line

Social security, the DMV, the bank…the lines are endless. While you still have to do some things in person, HitchSwitch helps you with all complicated stuff (like the countless forms, instructions, and everything else you’ll need to change your last name). They basically give you back the WEEKS spent researching and stressing over what you need to do and when and send it to you all in one organized and beyond helpful package. Do you know how much time I spent just trying to figure out what I needed to bring with me to get my new social security card?! Ugh.

how to change your last name

Choose Which Package is Right For You

No matter which package you choose, HitchSwitch has the name change process down to a science. Once you sign up, just fill out their 3-minute application and your information will be auto-populated on each necessary form. Then, just follow their step-by-step instructions on how to mail or turn in the provided forms, and you’re done. The entire name change process will now take minutes, not months, with the help of HitchSwitch. Note: Your information is always safe with HitchSwitch. They won’t ask for sensitive info like social security number, passport number, driver’s license number, etc., and will indicate on your forms where to enter that information “offline” so it’s never accessible by anybody else.

Below are the 3 different packages that you can choose from to help change your last name in a flash:

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Print at Home ($39): For the bride who wants to do it on her own but would love some help. This provides you with pre-filled applications (using the information you submitted), and corresponding instructions for how to submit each one.

Full Service Package ($69): Your pre-filled applications will be mailed to you by the HitchSwitch team, along with instructions for each as well as pre-paid, addressed envelopes for forms that can be submitted by mail.

Platinum Package ($99): This includes everything from the full-service package, along with the addition of your own personal Name Change Concierge, who is there to help you with any questions or service you need. This ultimate package also includes a complimentary passport photo through the app, which you will need for a new passport.

how to change your last name

Here’s a sample list of the forms HitchSwitch provides to make your life easier:

  • Social Security (Note: An in-person appointment is required. Just bring these pre-prepared forms with you.)
  • Passport (In-person appointment required if you’re applying for the first time, if you’ve lost your current passport, or if your current passport has been expired for more than five years.)
  • Driver’s License – (In-person appointment required)
  • Vehicle Title & Registration
  • Voter Registration
  • IRS
  • Credit Cards
  • Utility Companies
  • Doctor’s Offices
  • Subscription Services
  • Airline Loyalty Programs
  • Etc.

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how to change your last name

Other Helpful Facts…

  • 20%-25% of clients order HitchSwitch before they get married so they can familiarize themselves with the documents, etc. Pro Tip: You can’t start submitting forms until after you receive your marriage certificate, which will arrive 2-3 weeks after the wedding (You’ll also need this for several other applications as well, so keep that in mind).
  • The package prices include HitchSwitch services only. You may have to pay additional fees to the Social Security, Passport and DMV offices.
  • If you are traveling for your honeymoon, you’ll want to wait to change your name until after you are home from the trip. Remember: Your name must match the one on your ticket!

Ready to change your last name but don’t know where to start? Let HitchSwitch lead the way! Click here and use the code WGM10 to get 10% off ANY HitchSwitch package.

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