Are We Waiting Too Long to Get Married?

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Q: My fiancé and I got engaged last summer and we are just now thinking about a potential date….we’re looking to get married (hopefully) May 2019. Is our engagement going to be way too long? We’ve already had an engagement party and everything. – Marissa

A: The average engagement for a couple is between 14-15 months, so while a 2-year engagement period is long it’s not THAT crazy. And the truth is even if it was 5 years long you have to plan a wedding when it works best for you and YOUR schedule. There are actually a ton of benefits to having a long engagement, too. You will have way more options when it comes to wedding venues and other wedding vendors that sometimes book up more than a year in advance, and you’ll also have time to dedicate to wedding dress shopping without feeling rushed. The only thing I would suggest is even though you have about a year and half until your target wedding date, that will creep up on you sooner than you think. I would start looking at wedding venues relatively soon, and go ahead and lock in one you love as well as a date. Once you have a wedding date you can create your wedding website and wedding registry, and then plan on sending out Save the Dates 6-8 months before your big day (hey, if you have the time and know your date and guest list, you might as well give people as much notice as possible). After that you’ll be so happy you had all that extra time. 🙂

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