Do You Really Need Someone to Hold Your Wedding Dress While You Go to the Bathroom?

bridal buddy
Photo by Arte De Vie

Chance are you’ve already seen the hilarious video for the Bridal Buddy, the clever device that had enough interest and sales for brides that it got an investment on one of our all-time favorite TV shows, The Shark Tank.

And while we love anything that makes a bride’s life easier, we have to ask ourselves, do you REALLY need help going to the bathroom while you’re wearing a wedding dress? The answer is yes AND no. Basically, it all comes down to your wedding dress, of course.

I had a sheath wedding dress and had no problem going to the restroom, but that’s because sheath dresses are not super bulky and I could (with some effort) carefully gather the dress and do my thing. A ballgown wedding dress is another story, however, and chances are you might need to take a minute to think about whether you’ll need help before you go into the stall.

I know, I know. It sounds incredibly silly, but you should definitely do a test run at the bridal boutique (before you dress is steamed and looks all pretty once you take it home) and see how easy it is to not only go to the bathroom in it, but walk AND dance in your wedding dress.

If you do find that you need help, I would definitely consider an accessory like the Bridal Buddy or make a plan of attack with one of your bridesmaids (lucky gal! LOL). Either way know that it will all, err, come out great:)

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