So…Just How DO You Dance in a Wedding Dress?

how to dance in your wedding dress
Photo by Arte De Vie

Sounds like a simple enough question, but there are a few things you should know about how to dance in your wedding dress before you start shimmying down that dance floor. These tips will help you not only keep your wedding dress clean, but will make the whole night a bit more comfortable for you overall!

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1. Know What Your Dress Can/Can’t Do

If you’re planning for your first dance, you should definitely take your wedding dress style into consideration. For example, if you’re wearing a mermaid wedding dress you’ll be taking must smaller steps because the dress is generally tighter around your hips and thighs. If you’re wearing a big, full ballgown and slow-dancing with your partner, you’ll be farther away from them so they don’t step on bottom of your dress. Be sure to take these things into consideration, and tell your teacher if you’re taking dance lessons what kind of wedding dress you’ll be wearing.

how to dance in your wedding dress
Me dancin’ in my bustled wedding dress…and seriously messing up the moves (which is why my husband can’t stop laughing).

2. Bustle Your Wedding Dress

While some brides choose to bustle their dress after their big dances, we think bustling it after your ceremony is a better way to go. A bustle is basically a term for lifting your long train up off the ground via hooks, buttons, or ribbons. Wedding dresses have different bustle styles, and it’s best to ask the store where you bought your wedding dress how to bustle yours. Also make sure you have a designated bustler, such as your wedding planner, Maid of Honor, or mom who can do the honors (and who knows how to do it).

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3. Be Careful With Those Heels

My wedding shoes DEFINITELY tore a small tear on the bottom of my wedding dress. When I was dancing I kept getting the bottom (which was a delicate lace) caught in my heels! The best way to avoid that is to either change into flats once the heavy dancing starts, or if you want the height consider a pair of wedge heels. Otherwise just try to remember to lift up a corner of your dress with one hand while you shake, shake it like a polaroid picture. 🙂

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