Half-Up Half-Down Wedding Hairstyles to Try Now

half up half down wedding hairstyle
Hair by Kasia Fortuna

Once you find the perfect wedding dress, choosing the perfect wedding hairstyle is next! But, that’s easier said than done. The problem is that there are SO many wedding hairstyles to choose from that it can be hard to figure out a) which one will look best with your dress and b) which one will allow you to party all night long without having to worry about it! For brides want to pick the most flexible option for their big day, half up half down hairstyles are the most popular for a reason!

While I love wearing my hair down, I know that if I’m going to a party, I’m going to have to fuss with it at least once or twice throughout the night. While updo’s are a great choice for those brides who want to set and forget about their locks, half-up hairstyles give you that romantic, tousled look while also giving you a fuss-free hairstyle. Chance are if a hair falls out of place with a half-up, half-down wedding hairstyle, it will still look amazing!

Half up Half down Hairstyle Step by Step

A half updo is all about securing two sections of your hair together. The idea is to gather sections from both sides and to secure them together using braids, a ponytail, bun, knots, or twists. This type of hairstyle is infinitely more forgiving than a traditional updo, and with the right tools you can have a professional looking ‘do in no time. It also works great for all hair styles, including black hair, curly hair, and even bangs.

What you’ll need:

While you might not need all of these tools, it helps to have them on hand:

  1. Fine-tooth comb
  2. Clear elastics
  3. Bobby pins
  4. Texturizing spray (we love Oribe)
  5. Hairspray to secure the look

You’ll also want to decide if you want to add waves to your your hair with a curling iron for a more polished look, or go with your natural hair texture. As with other hairstyles, a half up half down wedding look does best with second day hair.

And of course, accessories can instantly elevate a half up half down hairstyle. Consider a silk bow, gilded barrette, or pearl hair clip for some extra flair. Check out our favorite wedding hair accessories here.

Next, follow these instructions for a double knot half up half down hairstyle, and watch the video below to see similar hairstyles up close.


DIY Double Knot Hairstyle

Perfect for medium to long hair

  1. Gently gather the hair at the crown of your head, and pinch into place where your hair starts to curve into your neck. Secure it using two bobby pins.
  2. Next, pinch and pull select pieces on the crown of your head to add dimension.
  3. Gather two sections from both sides of your crown (1-2 inches in size) and section them off. 
  4. Tie them together by crossing the right section over the left before bringing the left section up and pulling it behind the right section and through.
  5. Flatten the knot against the back of your head where the previous two bobbing pins are.
  6. Secure a few bobbing pins through the center, trying to cross them through the other bobbing pins.
  7. Gather another two sections from both sides, leaving some strands of hair out to frame your face.
  8. Take your first knot and pull it over the new left section.
  9. Tie another knot the same way you did the first, bringing the right over the left and pulling the left section up and through. 
  10. Pull the section tight so it sits right beneath your previous knot. 
  11. Flatten the section and secure it with bobbing pins, making sure to slide them through your earlier pins.

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Short Hair

Thankfully, most half up half down wedding hairstyles can be replicated on short hair just as easily. If you love YouTube hairtorials, Milabu makes great ones for those of you brides rocking short hair, like this one below:

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles for Every Occassion

We’ve compiled some of our favorite half up half down hairstyles that are perfect for your wedding, bridal shower, engagement photos, or even a date night! Browse through and let us know in the comments section below how you’re planning on wearing your hair!

half up half down wedding hairstyle
Hair by Love is in the Hair by Liz
black wedding hairstyles
Photo by Created Four. Bride: Melody Alisa
half up half down wedding hairstyle
Hair by Wonderland Hair & Beauty
half up half down wedding hairstyle
via All Things Hair
half up half down wedding hairstyle
via Tressmerize
half up half down wedding hairstyle

Half Up Half Down Hairstyles FAQ

Are half up half down hairstyles in for 2022-2023?

Honestly, this look NEVER goes out of style. It’s easy and elegant, and it’s perfect for the bride who might want to do her own wedding hair.

How do you make a half up half down hairstyle look fuller?

There are a couple ways you can make your hair look fuller no matter what the hairstyle. The first (and harder) option is with hair extensions. This is how celebrity hairstylists create those Oscar-worthy red-carpet looks with lots of volume. The second, no-cost option is by teasing your hair. All you need is a hair pick or fine-tooth comb. Then, take a top section of hair, and tease underneath the section. This will add instant volume whether you’re wearing your hair half up and half down or a traditional updo.

What is a half up half down hairstyle called?

It might sound obvious, but that’s the name! You can have variations of the style (such as the “half-up fishtail braid” or “vintage half up”), but most styles will have the “half up” term in there.

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