10 Beautiful Ideas for Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces

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So, you’re thinking about DIY’ing your wedding centerpieces? Major props to you! If you choose to DIY your wedding centerpieces, don’t necessarily think you need to go learning how to put together lush displays of floral. Instead, we advise opting for unique, flowerless wedding centerpieces that are just as beautiful. Major bonus? You can create a ton of these in advance! Unlike their floral centerpiece counterparts, many of these options will stay in great shape weeks before the wedding. That’s one less thing to worry about the week of your wedding! Here are some ideas to kickstart your imagination!

1. The Pinecone Display

Our love of pinecones has us smitten by this dusted display of winter gems in a decorative cloche. It’s super simple to DIY, and requires such a minimal amount of materials. A wintery, snowy perfection of a centerpiece.

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Pinecone Display
Source: Pinterest

2. Christmas Ornaments

They’re sparkly, they’re beautiful, and they come in an assortment of colors, shapes and sizes. They’re Christmas ornaments, and they make for a wonderful non-floral centerpiece for a winter wedding reception. You can even let guests know they can take one on their way out to hang on their own Christmas tree.

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Christmas Ornaments
Source: Pinterest

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3. The Book Collection

Are you a total bookworm? This is the perfect idea for you. A collection of romantic books stacked and tied with ribbon makes for an easy DIY display. You can purchase a selection of used books at a local shop or on websites like eBay and Etsy. We suggest choosing books in the same color scheme so they look cohesive. But if you’re going for a more mix-and-match effect, feel free to use as many colors as you’d like!

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Books
Source: Etsy

4. Green Herbs

Having a summer wedding? A display of fresh herbs would make a fragrant, beautiful reception centerpiece. These potted beauties are perfect for a garden party or indoor ceremony alike, and no matter what herbs you choose, they’ll all match well together. Varying heights and colors are key!

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Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Green Herbs
Source: Etsy

5. Citrus Fruits

Like herbs, citrus fruits make for another lovely summer wedding centerpiece. There’s little we love more in the summer than the taste of fresh lemonade, and this centerpiece is a perfect reminder of that. Plus, it’s colorful and cheerful and really evokes the freshness of the summer season.

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Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Citrus Fruit
Source: Pinterest

6. Apple Season

For fall brides, forgo the lemons and limes for a collection of cheery apples. From Granny Smith to Honeycrisp, we think you can use any selection of fresh apples. And, we advise you let guests know they’re for the taking (so you don’t end up with hundreds of apples at the end of event and no one to eat them)!

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Apples

7. Dried Grass

Doesn’t exactly sound lush and lovely, but the effect of a collection of dried grass is, on the contrary, a beautiful wedding centerpiece. You can start with wheat grass and add other dried grasses that are readily available at stores like Michael’s. This is a great way to incorporate the fall harvest into your autumn wedding.

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Dried Grass
Source: Pinterest

8. Candy

Colorful and budget-friendly? That’s a great combination in our book. This display of lollipops is a whimsical centerpiece that’s perfect for kids and adults. Candy displays can be elevated, like this one, with a glittered vase. You can also include more luxe candies like artisanal gummies in lieu of traditional Swedish fish. But hey, we’re not against the happy-go-lucky originals!

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Candy
Source: Pinterest

9. Candles

Ahh, candles. An ambiance unlike any other. When used correctly, you won’t even miss the wedding flowers. Case in point? These tapered candles that are surrounded by tall hurricanes and are collected in a lucite tray. This has to be one of the most beautiful candle displays we’ve ever seen…it’s totally romantic. And you don’t need to worry about the tapered candles blowing out from the AC (a concern we had when wanting to use candelabras at our wedding). This is a WGM favorite for sure!

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Flowerless Wedding  Centerpieces Candles
Source: Etsy

10. Plant Leaves

Albeit not totally a world away from wedding flower centerpieces, but these beautiful plant leaves make for a wonderful display in different sized glass containers. They’re more resilient than flowers, but the effect is just as stunning (and cheaper!). This is perfect for summer brides looking for something different at their garden party!

Flowerless Wedding Centerpieces Plant Leaves
Source: Pinterest

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