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Wedding invitations, in my opinion, are one of the most important elements of a wedding. They are the first thing you’re able to create as part of the wedding planning process that can set the tone for the entire event. Whether you’re planning a rustic, Tuscan-inspired wedding on a vineyard or an oceanside destination wedding at your favorite resort, they can often dictate (sub-consciously or consciously) everything from your centerpieces down to your wedding dress!

Thankfully we live in a time where there are some amazing wedding invitation designers right at our fingertips. Aside from the great work sites like Minted and Wedding Paper Divas offer for cool and unique wedding invitation designs (especially on a budget!), there are some amazing well-known and lesser-known designers that you will definitely want to check out when searching for the perfect wedding invitation. While pricing for designers of this caliber tends to be on the higher side, their custom suites are so gorgeous it can definitely be worth it to splurge and perhaps save in other areas.

I’ve selected a few of my favorite wedding invitation designers below along with the average price range for each. Some of you might recognize one or two or all of these great designers, and the rest of you might just be getting to know them. Either way, I’m so happy to show them off on this site! I also hope to show off more designers as they pop up on my radar.

For more wedding invitation resources and ideas, Oh So Beautiful Paper is a great site dedicated to invitations, stationary, and the like! Once you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can also check out my guide to Wedding Invitation Printing Techniques to get versed in all the wedding invitation lingo (and there’s a lot!).


Started in 2010 by Emma James and Bailey Amon in Austin, Texas, this design studio turns out amazing, modern yet still traditional wedding invitation suites as well as awesome rubber stamps for your wedding that you will want to use on everything. Seriously. Everything.

Cost: Prices for bespoke/custom designs start at $2,000 for 100 invitations.

Antiquaria's Nantucket Watercolor Bespoke invitation suite. Prices for bespoke/custom designs start at $2,000 for 100 invitations
Antiquaria, Nantucket Watercolor Bespoke Invitation Suite.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Paperfinger is the beautiful creation of Bryn Chernoff. Her hand-drawn designs are contemporary while still being classic, and her calligraphy style truly stands out for those brides looking for something pretty, simple, yet still unexpected.

Cost: The general starting price for an invitation from the Ligature Collection (one of which is pictured below) is $1,500 for 100 invitations. A completely custom suite is $2,200.

Paperfinger,  Illustrated Arturo Invitation Suite
Paperfinger, Illustrated Arturo Invitation Suite

Rifle Paper Co:

When Owner and Creative Director Anna Bond started creating wedding invitations for close friends and her own wedding, you knew something magical was about to happen. Over the past few years Rifle Paper Co. has truly become synonymous with beautiful and unique hand-painted invitations, and we can see why. Their designs are classic, whimsical, and above all they just feel special.

Cost: Floral Designs starting at $925 for 100 invitations. Simple Couple Designs starting at $1,150. Scene Designs starting at $1,200.

Rifle Paper Co., City Garden Couple Suite
Rifle Paper Co., City Garden Couple Suite

Betsy Dunlap:

Simple, beautiful, quirky, and inspired are just a few of the words I would use to describe Betsy’s designs for everything from wedding invitations to logos and tattoos. I can think of so many wedding themes that her work would be a great fit for! I can’t wait to see more from this talented designer.

Cost: Handwritten invites start at $15 per piece, and invitation suites made for reproduction are $500.

Betsy Dunlap, Watercolor Invitation Suite for MaeMae Paperie.
Betsy Dunlap, Watercolor Invitation Suite for MaeMae Paperie.

Ladyfingers Letterpress:

Morgan Calderini and Arley-Rose Torsone met in 2007 while working at an arts non-profit called AS220 in Providence, Rhode Island. What started off as a creative endeavor soon became more when the graphic designer/printer duo couldn’t find the invitation designs they were looking for when planning their own wedding. They now have a line of custom letterpress invites that are personal, unique, and amazingly fun.

Cost: Prices start at $3,000 regardless of quantity.

Ladyfingers Letterpress, Custom Navy and Gold Invitation Suite
Ladyfingers Letterpress, Custom Navy and Gold Invitation Suite

Moira Design Studio:

If I could live in an invitation it would probably be one from the Moira design studio. Their feminine and delicate illustrations combined with beautiful calligraphy is enough to make any girl swoon. The one pictured below is definitely one of my favorites among many!

Cost: From $1,010 for 100 invitations.

Moira Design Studio, Paige Collection, From $1,010 for 100 invites
Moira Design Studio, Paige Collection

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