This is How Much the Average Wedding Guest Has to Pay

Photo by Casey Hendrickson
Photo by Casey Hendrickson

Try not to feel guilty while reading this…but we had to share!

American Express released the results from a new new survey and found that costs for wedding guests in 2016 is up 5% to a whopping $703 per wedding. And the average American will attend 3 weddings this year. Ouch.

And if you’re a millennial, the news is even worse for you…your cost per wedding is $893, which is up 27% from the general population. But I guess this makes sense, considering millennials are in prime wedding time at this stage of their life.

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Here’s what wedding guests can expect to spend their money on:

The Wedding Party: 

Members of the wedding party can expect to spend $743 (vs. $701 in 2015), a total cost which includes airfare ($205), outfit ($166), and childcare or pet care costs ($69).

Wedding Gifts:

Americans expect to spend an average of $127 on wedding gifts for relatives (vs. $142 in 2015), while the average amount to spend on a friend’s wedding is $99 (vs. $90 in 2015). The gift of choice is still something off the registry (vs. cash).

While all of this sounds like a lot, it is peanuts compared to the average wedding cost (which I’m sure you are ALL aware of right now).

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