20 Funniest Wedding Someecards Ever

While we love the sweet wedding cards relatives and friends of our parents send us, it’s the funny ones we get from our closest friends that really make us laugh. Which is why Someecards are so hilarious. Their cards manage to be both brutally honest and hysterical at the same time. Some of them might even be a little too honest!

We’ve compiled 20 of our favorite wedding Someecards that make us LOL in the gallery above. From that annoying friend at your bachelorette party to that guest who can’t seem to manage to send their RSVP in on time (I mean, it’s got an envelope, stamp, and everything! Why is it so hard?!), these cards seem to touch on just about everything about a wedding or the guest list that can be so annoying it’s funny.

On a side note, I think you could even use one of these for a beyond hilarious Save the Date, right?!

Check out more wedding Someecards here.

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