10 Amazingly Chic Ideas for a Disney Wedding

Planning a Disney themed wedding, but not really sure how to incorporate your favorite animated movies without being over-the-top or cheesy? Good thing you found us! We searched high and low and were inspired by these small details that are seriously creative. Hakuna Matata, we got you girl.

 Magic Potion

Though we’re all about a mad hatter themed wedding (umm, fun!) there are other, less extravagant ways to nod to your old friend Alice at your wedding. What about these adorable “drink me” beverages (pictured above) filled with your potion of choice? While they won’t shrink your guests (we hope), they will get them a bit loopy!

The Jungle Wedding

If you were always enchanted by the childhood favorite The Jungle Book, we can’t help but imagine a forest-bound wedding beneath the trees. Hunting for the perfect wedding venue complete with lush green surroundings will give your guests the feeling that your wedding is amidst the jungle. Or, choose to marry in an exotic location, like Costa Rica, where guests will literally be transported to the rainforest. Just don’t tell your groom to dress as Mowgli. Not recommended.

Photo by Elisabeth Millay via Style Me Pretty

Photo by Elisabeth Millay via Style Me Pretty

Sweet as Honey

Though we admit we’ve seen a Winnie the Pooh theme more widely used in baby showers than in weddings, we think it’s the perfect fit for a sentimental wedding while paying homage to Disney. We love the idea of a custom sign with the phrase “I knew when I saw you, an adventure was going to happen.” Also, these cute-as-can-be honey jar wedding favors are perfect for a garden wedding.

Genius Lighting

Channeling Jasmine and Aladdin? Play up the lighting! So many venues these days have a rainbow of color effects to choose from to light up your reception. This purple and amber perfection is a total Arabian nights-esque display. Not to mention that expertly draped curtain. Not pictured or required? A magic carpet (though we could imagine you walking down the aisle on one).

Jimmy Choo via Disney Style

Jimmy Choo via Disney Style

The Glass Shoe

Two words: These shoes. The simply perfect Jimmy Choo pumps–named appropriately The Cinderella–were inspired by the release of Disney’s live action film version of the fairy tale released in 2015. Love them? They can still be purchased for the price of (gulp) nearly $4,500. Adorned with 7,000 crystals plus 46 embroidered stones on the heel, each pair is custom made and they are currently backordered until November 2016. Though we’re not telling you to take it this far (but by all means, do so if you can), there are so many styles out there fit for a princess. Anything silver and sparkly will do! Check out a few of our favorite wedding shoes here!

Photo by Brenner Liana via Hello May

Photo by Brenner Liana

Dreamy Details

All about Pocahontas? We love her, too. You know what we also love? Nature-inspired weddings with a Native American influence. These dream catchers are wildly beautiful, and are perfect for your outdoor wedding.

Photo by Andy Sams

Photo by Andy Sams

Fairy Dust

Your send-off to Neverland (also known as your honeymoon), is a great chance to incorporate your love for Peter Pan. In lieu of confetti or sparklers, opt for green fairy dust and wands with streams of ribbon. What an amazing photo opp that would be!

Frozen Décor

Disney’s instant classic, Frozen, is a totally on-point theme for winter weddings. How unique are these hanging crystals attached to 10-foot tall birch trees, pictured above? Hidden within the crystal are tiny spheres filled with faux snow. They’re so pretty you’ll never want to let them go.


Nostalgic Ceremony Music

Want to include a more audible reference to Disney? We’re loving the idea of using an instrumental version of “I See the Light” from Tangled at your ceremony. Not only is it the perfect pace for ceremony music, but it’s actually a beautiful melody. Bonus points if you have floating lanterns everywhere. As an alternative, if you’re okay being a little less subtle, we have to admit “Can You Feel the Love Tonight,” gives us the chills every time.


The Vows

Having trouble coming up with the right words to say at the altar? What about stealing a few from Disney. Some of the best lines in the biz are from the mouths of our favorite animated characters. Like “Some people are worth melting for.” (Frozen) “You are my greatest adventure.” (The Incredibles), or “Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day.” (Winnie the Pooh).

See our favorite love quotes for your wedding vows here!




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