Who Do You Dance With First At Your Wedding?

Q: Is there a certain dance order we’re supposed to follow at our wedding reception? And when are all the dances supposed to take place?- Sara

A: While your reception timeline is ultimately up to you, we think it works out really nicely when the bride and groom begin the first dance as soon as they introduced and enter the reception (Note: the bride and groom are typically the last to be introduced after the wedding party). This way you don’t have to sit down at your table then stand right back up and go onto the dance floor! After the bride and groom’s first dance, the bride would then be joined by her father for the traditional father/daughter dance (alternatively this could also take place after the entree is served, but we kind of like having all the important dances start off the evening). The third dance would immediately follow for the groom and his mom, and then after that you would return to your wedding table to start your meal.

I personally really liked getting the dances out of the way so we could enjoy the rest of the reception. I was SO nervous for ours (we had choreographed a first dance that, um, didn’t go so well. LOL), that I was happy to have it over and done with so we didn’t have to think about it the rest of the night. 🙂

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