The #1 Thing Couples Wish They Spent MORE On at Their Wedding

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We all know weddings are expensive, but one thing we don’t hear every day is what couples actually wish they spent more money on when looking back at their wedding. We all know weddings are expensive, but one thing we don’t hear every day is what couples actually wish they spent more money on when looking back at their wedding.

According to a recent survey from Zola, however, there’s not one but several key wedding items that over 750 couples say they should have either had at their wedding (but didn’t), OR spent more on.

Here are the top 5 things couples wish they’d spent MORE money on:

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1. Videographer (25 percent)
2. Photographer (22 percent)
3. Wedding Planner/Coordinator (20 percent)
4. Flowers & Decor (12 percent)
5. Band/DJ (10 percent )

We’re honestly not that surprised that couples wish they’d hired or spent more money on a videographer. In fact, it’s one of the 5 things my husband and I would have done differently at our own wedding.

So, why are videographers at the top of the list for most couples, but often overlooked?

“Because you spend so long planning, you forget the wedding’s only one day that goes by really quickly,” Jennifer Spector, Zola’s Director of Brand and Newlywed-at-Large told Brides. “People then wish they’d captured moments and speeches. They want to see the whole event come to life and then be able to relive it again and again.”

We also definitely agree on the wedding planning/coordinator. Having at least a wedding coordinator (if not a full-on wedding planner) is a huge help, and something all couples should try to fit into their budget for their own sanity!

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On the flip side, here are the 5 things couples say they felt like they spent TOO much on:

1. Flowers & Decor (22 percent)
2. Hair & Makeup (20 percent)
3. Catering (19 percent)
4. Day-of Wedding Attire (Dress, Suit, Accessories, etc.) (19 percent)
5. Invitations (17 percent)

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Couples also reported what they felt like were the MOST important aspects of their wedding, below, not during the planning process but after it was all said and done:

1. Venue
2. Photographer
3. Band/DJ
4. Day-of-Wedding Attire (Dress, Suit, Accessories, etc.)
5. Flowers & Decor
6. Wedding Officiant
7. Catering
8. Wedding Planner or Coordinator
9. After Party
10. Wedding Cake

Tell us, WGM’ers! Is there anything you wish you could spend more money on or that you’re on the fence about cutting? 

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