9 Creative Bridesmaid Proposals Your Friends Will Love

He popped the question, and now it’s your turn! Whether you’re keeping the bridal party small or asking every friend you’ve ever had, how you ask your bridesmaids to be a part of your wedding day can be as sentimental, memorable and full of joy as your friendships themselves.

If you’re hunting for the perfect bridesmaid proposals, check out 10 of our favorites to aid you in your search!

Scratch Off

If you’re looking for something small and simple (yet delightful!), a custom scratch off proposal could be right up your alley. Etsy is filled with creators who can customize a scratch off to match your appearance, as well as that of your bridesmaids, and they can generally add custom text as well. Plus, this cute keepsake is perfect for mailing to long distance best friends.

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Champagne Glass

Pop the bubbly and raise a glass with your crew using these bridesmaid proposal glasses. Ranging from sentimental poems to a simple name and title, there are a wide variety of handmade champagne glasses to choose from across the internet (one of our faves is Personal Wine). Bonus points for including a mini champagne bottle in the package if you’re sending your glasses by mail!

Personalized Puzzle

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Personalized Puzzle
Personalized Puzzle via Etsy

For the friend group who loves board games and puzzles, this one is for you! These customizable puzzles add a dash of fun to your big ask, and they also look great framed after they’re put together. Only those who can complete the challenge are worthy of standing by your side on your wedding day!

Coffee Cup

If anything is a wedding planning (and morning of the wedding) essential, it’s coffee. Lots and lots of coffee! Help your girls get into the planning spirit by giving them a head-start on the caffeination. These sweet stickers can be popped onto any coffee cup, turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. You can even buy an embroidered cup that’ll last longer! So gather your ladies for a coffee date they’ll never forget! Or maybe you’re looking for something a little stronger…

Message in a Bottle

When we were young, we hoped of someday finding a message in a bottle from an island castaway or a marooned pirate. Bring back that childhood fun by sending a message in a bottle to ask your bridesmaids to join your wedding party! Whether your wedding will be taking place on a tropical island or not, these sweet little keepsakes will surely bring back fun memories for your bridesmaids in years to come.


Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Jewelry
I couldn’t tie the Knot Without You via Etsy

The world of knot-themed jewelry is surprisingly vast, but that definitely works in your favor when it comes to bridesmaid proposals! These beautiful knot-inspired earrings are a precious way to ask your friends to be by your side when you tie the knot. Keep in mind that all of your bridesmaids may not have pierced ears, so unless you are sure, it can be a safer option to go with a necklace or bracelet.

Photo Frame

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Photo Frame
Photo Frame via Etsy

Weddings, and the road leading up to them, are filled with memory making! From trips to wedding gown boutiques to the bachelorette bash, you’ll soon be adding to the already long list of treasured memories you have with your best girls, so what better way to ask them to join you on that journey than with a customized picture frame? For an added touch, send it with the oldest picture of the two of you that you can find, and after the wedding give them a photo from the wedding day to replace it with.

Spa Treats

Bridesmaid Proposal Ideas Spa Treats
Spa Treats for Bridesmaids

Who doesn’t love to be pampered now and then? Show your bridesmaids how much they mean to you by sending them a box of spa goodies to ask them to join the wedding party! Customizable soaps, candles, bath salts and lotions are a lavish and fragrant way to treat the ladies who will stand by your side the day you say I do. Etsy has some fun options and BoxFox is great, too!


If you’re looking for surprises, noise and laughter, this is definitely the option for you! Of all the things your best friends might expect when they open a box, a balloon that says, “Pop Me!” might not be high on their list. But watch their confusion turn to glee as they pop the balloon and, under a rain of confetti, find a note asking them to be your bridesmaid!

For a bride on her wedding day, the friends standing next to her can be just as important as the one to whom she is saying, “I do.” Celebrate your bridesmaids-to-be by making memories that will last a lifetime from the moment they join your bride tribe and beyond.

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