Celebrity Planners Share Their Favorite Wedding Trends

2019 is nearly halfway over, but wedding season hasn’t even started. As always, there will be a few standout styles — and this year, many of them are much more dramatic than in years past. The best of the best in the industry recently weighed in on everything to expect, from round ceremonies to artistic cakes.

Read on for the biggest 2019 wedding trends, courtesy of Colin Cowie, the event planner for Jennifer Aniston, Tom Cruise, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Oprah; Alin Le’ Kal, the celebrity couture designer from Paris Fashion Week 2019; Nicole Kidman’s hairstylist, Kylee Heath; and many more.

Bridal Looks


Less is not more. The dresses that recently hit the runway at Bridal Fashion Week boasted sparkles, bows, statement sleeves, capes, touches of color, tiers, and more. If you’re a bride and those embellishments aren’t enough for you, go big with feathers.

“Crystals and feathers, you can’t go wrong!” Le’ Kal said. “I think we could possible still see feathers in 2020.”

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The same can’t be said for make up, though. Brides will be more likely to opt for a natural look, rather than full glam. While celebrity make up artist Melissa Sassine recommends still opting for long-lasting make up, it’s best to ditch overly dramatic eyeshadow and harsh contours.

She’s particularly drawn to a color palette that consists of neutral tones. Think a light champagne shimmer on the eyes, fluffy lashes, natural bronzers, soft highlighters, and a pink or nude lip.


The natural trend definitely carries over into skincare, with many brides seeking a simple, subtle glow.

“This is why brides love using hydrating treatments before their big day. Japanese brides-to-be have been using face masks religiously every day for weeks before their wedding, and this is becoming a trend now for skincare lovers around the world,” said advanced bridal skincare brand LUIERE. “We recommend using a deeply hydrating mask that will hydrate from deep within the dermis, without clogging, leaving you with a beautiful natural glow for the big day.”

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Bows aren’t just reserved for wedding dresses this year. Embrace the trend with your hairstyle, too! “I love the idea of a low ponytail with a ribbon tied in it or a bow to finish off the look,” Heath said.

But if you have a wedding coming up and aren’t a big fan of bows, you should still consider incorporating some sort of hair accessory, whether it’s a scarf, clips, diamond hair pins, or even a ponytail with extensions.

“Hair throughout 2018 became so undone and relaxed giving a very bohemian vibe. Moving into 2019, hair is still looking relaxed with glossy loose waves,” said Tiffany Thurtell, the creative director at Alan Buki Hair. “However, it is becoming more polished with a glam/luxe vibe. The use of hair accessories is very on trend.”

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This is one aspect that you shouldn’t be afraid to go all out on — and luckily, there are different options depending on your style.

“Metallic hot stamp foiling has always been popular and it continues to grow. This year we will expect to see a higher demand for copper foiling, followed by the popular rose gold foiling,” said Giant Invitations, which is a popular choice for many celebrities. “You will also see more nature inspired invitations and softer touches including the use of watercolors and deckled edges.”

Other trends include custom illustrations, interlocking monograms, and custom designed envelopes.


When it comes to floral arrangements and bouquets, couples are more likely than ever to opt for locally-grown, seasonal flowers. “For brides, there is nothing quite like clutching a bouquet filled with fresh, fragrant flowers grown with love and harvested by hand by a local flower farmer or from a floral designer’s own cut flower garden,” Floret said. “Thankfully, this trend is becoming more and more common, as awareness and interest in local flowers continues to grow and the number of new flower growers specializing in seasonal blooms expands around the world.”

The Flower Appreciation Society echoed Floret’s sentiment, adding, “In 2019 we are seeing the move away from larger bridal bouquets to smaller, more delicate ones. Seasonality and locally sourced flowers are becoming extremely important with issues of sustainability and the environment in mind. This means that we are designing bridal bouquets using delicate garden flowers, in considered seasonal colour palettes and in light, delicate and airy compositions so that each individual flower has lots of space to shine and be appreciated!”

Another big trend is floral foam free installations, like those that instead use chicken wire, or water vials and vessels.

“This is again working with the environment in mind, as floral foam has lots of nasty chemicals in, doesn’t properly biodegrade and releases tiny micro plastics into the water when you soak it,” the Flower Appreciation Society said. “This means that installations are becoming more considered and looser in feel as florists have to think cleverly about how to design larger pieces using construction materials that can be reused again and again.”


Alternative ceremony layouts are definitely “in” this year — especially round ceremonies. According to Cowie, they “ensure friends and loved ones are no more than a few feet away from the couple, creating a more intimate atmosphere.”

Don’t expect to be able to snap photos of the set-up, though. Unplugged weddings are on the rise, as more and more couples are requesting their guests stay off their phones at least until the ceremony is complete.


Yes, floral walls are gorgeous and certainly make for the perfect backdrop for Instagram photos; however, couples should instead seek out minimalist decor. Think modern and contemporary, Cowie said.


The same doesn’t have to be said for cake, though. In fact, award-winning cake designer Faye Cahill predicts that the reception dessert will most often be “artistic” and “fun.”

“Think painted watercolor finishes, palette knife textures, fondant ruffles, drippy icing and abstract sculptures of chocolate and isomalt (a technical clear sugar),” she said. “You will also find fun and optimistic cakes. Following the announcement of living Coral as the color of the year, I think we will see a move away from dull neutrals to more vibrant hues. For wedding cakes, that will be more restrained than for celebration cakes, however some couples will choose to go all out and express the joy of their union.”

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