The New Classics: 5 Gifts That Should Be On Every Wedding Registry

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We’re SO excited to announce we’ve teamed up with Thankful Registry for a new series to help engaged couples think outside the gift box when it comes to their wedding registry. Stay tuned for more fun registry ideas from Thankful and Woman Getting Married in the coming weeks!

The times, they are a changin’!

Bob Dylan might not have had your wedding registry in mind when he wrote that song, but hey, it’s true! It’s 2015 and even though we might not have flying cars (yet), we are leaving the wedding registries of yesterday behind with a modern take on what a wedding gift can be. And that’s good news for all you women getting married trying to figure out what to add to your registry list.

While Experience Gifts are one of our most recent favorites to add to our virtual shopping cart, we will always be a fan of the classics. But the classics of today look far different than they did even 10 years ago. That boring plastic tupperware has been replaced with eco-friendly fridge-to-oven serveware, and those plain ol’ guest towels are singing the handwashing blues in favor of bright, handloomed Turkish ones. It’s a crazy world out there, kids. And guess what? We like it!

We rounded up a few of our favorite “new” classics, below. From dinnerware you won’t have to hide in the closet to a machine that can probably launch rockets (and coffee), these wedding registry gifts are practical and unique…which is one of our favorite combinations. 🙂

West Elm's Metallic Ombre Glassware
West Elm’s Metallic Ombre Glassware

The Ultimate Home Bar

Why go out to a crowded bar when you can stay in and sip cocktails like you’re on Mad Men? Artisanal drinks (like the ones made at one of our favorite NYC bars, Employee’s Only) can be made at home with the right tools, such as muddlers, zesters, infusers. And don’t forget about the glassware! In addition to stocking your bar with Sommelier-approved wine glasses, make sure to get Coupes, Old-Fashioneds and Highballs as well.

Kate Spade's Charlotte Street North Dinnerware Collection
Kate Spade’s Charlotte Street North Dinnerware Collection

Everyday Dinnerware (With a Kick)

Remember those fancy dishes your mom never used? Yeah, probably not. Which is why registering for fine china that sees the light of day once or twice a year if it’s lucky doesn’t make a lot of sense. Nor does registering for plain white dinnerplates that make you feel like you’re eating in an all-night diner. Instead, register for dinnerware that you’ll use everyday AND will make you feel special each time you use it (so, like, all the time). Remember: A little (or a lot) of color never hurt anybody! Go for bold.

The Jura Impressa Z9

This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Coffee Maker

If coffee makers were skateboards, today’s machines would be the equivalent of a hoverboard. I mean, has any one kitchen appliance advanced the way they have? Also, can you tell I’m a total dork for coffee machines?! While the old automatic machines will always have a special place in my heart, they can’t hold a candle to the Nespresso’s, Jura’s, or even Keurig’s of today. Mr. Coffee, welcome (back) to the future.

Decorate Those Bare Walls!

Unless you actually work in the art world (or appreciate it way more than the average person), chances are your art collection is a wee bit on the small side (and no, your fiancé’s college football posters don’t count). Registering for unique paintings and prints on sites like (we love these New Yorker cartoon prints), 20X200, and Society6 is a great way to not only start your next chapter, but to fill up a few of those blank pages while you’re at it.

Say Goodbye to Your Childhood Suitcases

Registering for luggage might seem a bit boring, but it’s one of those classic items that you’ll be super happy you have once you get it. The key is registering for the right kind! I recently found a bag I love, but there are so many amazing options out there that will make your time traveling that much more enjoyable. Tip: Instead of registering for one size, register for a set (such as a suitcase you can carry-on as well as one you can check). And remember to register for two…one for you and your other favorite passenger.

Thanks again to Thankful Registry for teaming up with us on this!

Thankful is an open-platform online registry that lets you add traditional gifts, experiences and also cash gifts all on the same beautifully designed page. We’re super proud to have Thankful be part of the WGM Guest List! Learn about their amazing features and sign-up for a free one-week trial at

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