Our Favorite Little White Dresses

I’m a big fan of wearing white (or beige) at a rehearsal dinner. I don’t know if it’s because it feels like it’s a color I don’t wear very often (but want to) or if I just like the idea of a themed weekend where you have an excuse to wear all white, all the time. It’s classic and always elegant, which is something you want to look for when it comes to your rehearsal dinner dress.

I ended up wearing an off-white sequin dress to my rehearsal dinner. It was on Miami Beach so I felt like it fit the restaurant/vibe. It was also a dress that I recycled from my bachelorette party…I figured who cares if my girlfriends already saw me in this! Plus, I had spent a couple hundred dollars on the dress and wanted to put it to good use (I have since worn that dress to countless holiday parties. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth!).

That’s why I think it’s OK to splurge a little (if you can) on your rehearsal dinner dress. If you can make it pull double-duty to something (or two or three things!) then it ends up evening out in the end…or at least that’s how I like to justify it! LOL.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorite white or off-white rehearsal dinner dresses, below. They could also be great choices for a bridal shower or even a city hall or casual wedding (or as a second dress at your reception).

Have you picked out your rehearsal dinner dress yet?

Rime Arodaky Mini White Beige Dress
Rime Arodaky, $1400

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