Purple Bridesmaid Dresses Under $200

There are so many great shades of purple bridesmaid dresses that it can be hard to decide on just one! The good news is you don’t have to! Gone are the days where bridesmaids have to wear the same shade of anything. From shoes to flowers, mixing bridesmaid colors up has become one of best new wedding trends (in my humble opinion). If you prefer to go old-school, however, purple is one of those colors that really lends itself well to certain seasons. For example, I would go with lighter purple bridesmaid dresses for spring and summer weddings, and keep the darker hues to fall and winter weddings. Is there any harm in switching that up? Of course not! That’s one of the best things about planning a wedding…it’s your vision and your CALL. So go crazy! 🙂

While we’re usually in love with most things purple ’round here, I do think there are certain cuts and fabrics that are more flattering for the color than others. Think lace and chiffon and steer clear of heavier fabrics that might make it look a bit drab! Below are a few of my recent favorite purple bridesmaid dresses I’ve found.

What color bridesmaids dresses are you looking for? We’re also loving these picks for blue bridesmaid dresses!

BHLDN Purple Bridesmaid Dress
BHLDN, $140
Bohoo Purple Bridesmaid Dress
Boohoo, $30

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