11 Reasons Why We Love Rainy Wedding Days

I remember OBSESSIVELY looking at the Farmer’s Almanac in the months leading up to our wedding, and I was pretty much stalking the weather forecasters the week of. Since we were getting married in Florida in October (still hurricane season) I didn’t know what to expect. Our weather was great the day-of, but I was mentally prepared for it not to be, which I highly suggest. That way when you do have nice weather you’re just pleasantly surprised.

There are, however, some pretty great things about having rain on your wedding day. One is that it’s supposed to be good luck (you can read about more wedding superstitions here), so there’s that. But having a rainstorm can also mean some amazing wedding photos, like the ones we found for the gallery, above.

Isn’t there something just so romantic about the rain? Yes, most of the time I’m in the rain I’m making an ugly face and wincing (though not lately since we moved to Los Angeles). But in my head I’m wearing a gorgeous dress and making out with my husband at a street light.

On a rainy wedding day you can actually make that dream a reality…all you need to do is remember these tips:

  1. Talk to your wedding photographer about a rain plan. Does he have a few techniques for getting a cool shot in the rain (such as hiding a remote flash behind you so they can capture the rain, like several of the nighttime shots above have).
  2. Look for overhangs near your wedding venue. This will allow you to hopefully capture the effect of the rain on your wedding day without having to get too soaked. Or…
  3. You can save the rain shots for the end of the night and prepared to get wet! This is definitely for the more adventurous couple…but think of the shots you’ll get.
  4. Last but not least, be careful! If you see lighting or hear thunder, remember to take cover.

See more gorgeous rainy day wedding photos on our Pinterest page!

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  1. says: Kat Forsyth

    Yes! You can get such gorgeous pics if you just brave the elements. Honestly, your dress will get a bit wet and dirty round the bottom, but you’re never going to wear it again anyway! Your photos will last a lifetime.