5 Marriage Myths…Busted

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Chances are you’ll hear more than one of these marriage myths before tying the knot. Somehow, somewhere, these marriage myths were passed down as fact by generation after generation. And while we can talk until we’re blue in the face about WHY we think they’re not true, we now have science to back us up.

Bustle recently compiled a list of the 5 most common marriage myths, and what science has told us to prove otherwise. I have to admit that even I was surprised at some of the data, but I am super happy that it exists. That way the next time somebody tries to pawn off one of these marriage myths as truth, I can point to scientific data to tell them they’re flat-out wrong. Which is what makes dinner parties super fun.

Myth #1: Marriage Means Less Sex

In 2010 the Kinsey Institute compared the amount of sex single, in a relationship, and married respondents were having. According to Bustle, “24 percent of single women who were between 25-29 reported having sex ‘a few times per month to weekly,'” while 35.2 percent of married women of the same age said they were having sex “2-3 times a week.”

Myth #2: Having Kids Will Make Married Couples Happy

The next time your parents or grandparents get on your back and ask you WHEN you’re going to have a kid, tell them this: the birth of a first child can “wreak more emotional havoc on a marriage than divorce or a long period of unemployment,” according to Bustle and a new study out this month. Mic drop.

Myth #3: Happy Couples Don’t Argue

I personally think it’s scary when couples tell me they don’t fight. Seriously? Either you’re lying or you’re comatose. EVERY couple argues, but as science points out, it’s not about IF you argue but HOW you argue. Bustle cites a 1989 study about arguments which discovered that “prioritizing keeping the peace over actually resolving issues is much worse for a marriage in the long run,” according to Bustle. And furthermore, it’s the couples who know how to have an argument without getting defensive, whining, or nagging that are in it for the long haul. That’s easier said than done, but it’s definitely something to strive for!

Visit Bustle.com for 2 more marriage myths, and further insight into the scientific studies!

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