These 10 Photos Kind of Make Us Want to Do a Wedding Cake Smash

The wedding cake smash is one of those weird wedding traditions that has morphed it’s way into modern day receptions. It’s believed to have originated back in the day when after a couple was married the groom would take a big bite out of a load of barley break, and would the proceed to crumble it over the bride’s head. Guests would then rush to pick up the pieces from the floor as they were said to bring good luck. As barley bread went out of fashion and wedding cakes entered the scene, it was considered good luck for the bride to pass out small pieces of cake in lieu of the breadcrumbs.

So the wedding cake smash of today is an evolution of both of those wedding traditions, and one that couples seem to either love or hate. We did not have a wedding cake smash at our wedding, though we did feed each other a piece of our cake via a fork. I didn’t want to mess up my makeup (or dress!) and my groom didn’t want to either.

The couples in the gallery above, however, went for it when it came to the wedding cake smash, and more power to them! They all look like they’re having a fun time (kind of? lol) and it definitely made for some great wedding photos. I guess you can have your wedding cake and smash it, too! 🙂

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