14 Unique Wedding Bouquets That’ll Make You Forget About Roses

wedding flowers
Wildflower Bouquet via Anthology on Main

A lot of times when planning a wedding, a bride will find one photo she loves and the entire wedding theme will start to evolve from that. That’s sort of what happened to me when I came across a wedding bouquet I loved. I immediately knew I wanted not only my bouquet and my bridesmaids’ to look like that, but all of the flowers at the wedding as well. And while my florist couldn’t replicate the look completely, just having the same colors (bright red and pink mixed together) was enough to make me happy.

Just like you would go into a hair salon with a photo of a haircut you wanted to the stylist to recreate, photos of wedding bouquets can serve the same purpose. If you find a photo of a wedding bouquet you love, bring it into your florist or local flower shop and ask them a) what flowers are in it and b) if they can create something similar for you. Or you can DIY it, which is actually easier than it seems (I’m working on a post about that, next!).

If you’re looking for something unique, however, you might have to dig a little deeper. These unique wedding bouquets, below, go beyond the roses or peonies or other wedding flowers you tend to see at spring, summer, or fall weddings. Some of these aren’t even flowers, which is what makes them so cool. Take a look at some of my favorite unique wedding bouquets, below, and let us know which ones you like the best. Or, tell us what your wedding bouquet inspiration is in the comments section, below.

Succulents and air plants are an unexpected addition to a wedding bouquet.

wedding bouquets
wedding bouquets
JL Designs via Green Wedding Shoes

Succulents look great combined with other materials, such as paper flowers.

Who knew that yarn could look so amazing in a wedding bouquet?

wedding bouquets
wedding bouquets

A collection of new and vintage brooches make for a colorful and stunning wedding bouquet.

wedding bouquets
Via Middle of the Map Weddings

Origami, anyone? Check out the DIY tutorial for this bouquet on Capitol Romance.

wedding bouquets
Photo by Elusive Photo Design

Dried and dyed flowers paired with lace were made for garden weddings.

Take rustic to a whole new level with a bouquet of wheat!

wedding bouquets

Eat your vegetables…or just put them in your wedding bouquet. Veggies like cabbage and artichokes are amazing for an outdoor wedding.

wedding bouquets
Photo by Elissa R Photography, Floral Design by The Blooming Idea

A large single flower (like gardenia or this glamelia rose) let you make an elegant and dramatic entrance. You can also opt for paper or silk flowers for this, too.

wedding bouquets
Photo by Scott Andrew Studio, Floral Design by Nancy Liu Chin

Who needs flowers when you can hold flags!

wedding bouquets
Via Groom Sold Separately

Cotton candy is so pretty, why not use it as a wedding “bouquet.” And who knows. Maybe when you say “I Do” you can both take a bite!

wedding bouquets
via Burnett’s Boards

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