13 Halo Engagement Rings We’re Drooling Over

A halo engagement ring setting, if you’re not familiar with the style, is a collection of round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds (or faceted color gemstones) around a center stone. The style–which first originated in the 1920’s when Art Deco became prominent–is the second most popular setting style, right after solitaire.

Halo engagement ring settings are a bride favorite because, let’s face it, they make the center stone look WAY bigger than it might actually be. In other words, they’re the rear view mirrors of engagement rings! 🙂

The beauty of halo engagement ring settings is that they work with so many different diamond shapes. While they’re most traditionally used with round and princess cut diamonds, they look equally as beautiful with cushion cut, emerald and can even soften pear and marquise cuts as well.

We’ve scoured Pinterest and Tumblr for our favorite halo engagement rings for the gallery, above. When you’re done drooling over them be sure to pin your favorite ones!

halo engagement ring


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