3 Things You Should Definitely Be Doing With Your Wedding Ring

You found your dream partner and they gave you your dream wedding ring. But guess what? That rock on your finger is worth almost as much as a car…which is why you’ll want to treat it almost the same way!

First, you’ll want to make sure you get it insured. I’m talking about calling your insurance company (the one you use for your homeowners or renters insurance) or a separate jewelry insurance company the day after you say “Yes!” to start the process. You’ll need receipts and an appraisal, and any other information that might be specific to that insurance company. You might also want to ask the jeweler where you bought the ring if they work with a specific insurer as well.

Second, you should try to clean your engagement ring at home at least once a month to help keep its’ sparkle. Then, once a year have it professionally cleaned from the jewelry store you got it from or a reputable one in your area. The fee is usually small (I’ve paid no more than $20 in the past, and it was free at the store we bought it from) and you will seriously feel like you have a new engagement ring once it’s done. One thing I haven’t done which I need to is replace the rhodium plating on my engagement ring and wedding band since they are both white gold. If you’re not familiar with this, all white gold is made white by a rhodium plating which can wear off over time and give the base of your engagement ring and wedding band a yellowish tint. You would need to take your rings into your jeweler and have them replace this, a process which can take 2-3 days. While you have it there I would also ask the jeweler to also check to make sure your diamond setting is secure as well. This should be done every few years just to be safe!

The third thing is definitely personal preference, and honestly one that I do not follow. However, the brides who do follow it never have to worry about losing their engagement ring…and that’s because they never take it off! I only wear mine when I leave the house (and I’m not going to the gym), which means it spends the majority of the time in a jewelry dish in my bathroom. I’m not joking when I tell you I’ve had dreams about my ring falling in the sink and down the drain! I do keep my wedding band on 100% of the time, though. It might seem obvious (and it is) but if you’re worried about losing your engagement ring there’s no better way to avoid this than by never taking it off.

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