Oval Engagement Rings: Our Favorite Picks

oval engagement ring

As you plan your engagement, you’re likely spending hours scrolling through your social media feed, searching for inspiration. You’re looking for that one ring that will make your heart skip a beat, and earn an “OMG. It’s gorgeous!” exclamation from your friends. Well, stop scrolling because the perfect choice for you may be an oval engagement ring. Oval engagement rings are breaking traditional norms, and are becoming more and more popular among modern brides. If you want to know more about this stunning option, keep reading!

The History of Oval Engagement Rings

Oval diamonds first appeared in the 1960s. This is when Lazare Kaplan, a renowned diamond cutter and cousin of the famous diamond cutter Marcel Tolkowsky (the inventor of the modern round brilliant diamond cut), first introduced the oval diamond to the world. His mission was simple: to create a diamond shape that fused the brilliance of a round diamond with the distinct elegance of an elongated form. Little did he know that his creation would stand the test of time and become a beloved choice for many brides-to-be.

oval engagement rings

What Makes Oval Engagement Rings Special

Oval diamonds typically have 56 to 58 facets, similar to the traditional round brilliant cut. This similarity in facet count is what gives oval diamonds their exceptional sparkle and fire. In addition, their unique “bow-tie” effect—a dark, bow-tie-shaped pattern often visible near the center of the stone—further distinguishes oval diamonds from other shapes. And perhaps our favorite feature? In addition to making your finger appear longer and slender, their elongated shape makes them appear larger than their carat weight, which means you get more bang for your buck.

Read more about the best diamond cut and shapes for engagement rings.

Celebrities Who Wear Oval Engagement Rings

Oval engagement rings have become more popular in the past decade due to several high-profile celebrities donning the unique shape, including:

Blake Lively: Ryan Reynolds proposed to the actress with an oval-cut diamond engagement ring in 2012. The ring features a large light pink oval diamond set on a delicate rose gold band with pave diamonds.

Hailey Baldwin: Model Hailey Baldwin’s engagement ring from singer Justin Bieber features a large oval-shaped diamond on a simple gold band. The solitaire setting highlights the diamond’s size and shape.

Kate Middleton: Perhaps the most famous ring on this list is worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. The iconic, oval-shaped sapphire and diamond engagement ring once belonged to Princess Diana. It features a 12-carat oval blue sapphire surrounded by a halo of 14 round diamonds set in white gold.

Kirsten Dunst: Actress Kirsten Dunst’s engagement ring from actor Jesse Plemons features an oval-shaped diamond set in a vintage-inspired setting with a yellow gold band and two tapered baguette diamonds on either side.

JoJo Fletcher: The Bachelorette star received an oval-shaped diamond engagement ring from Jordan Rodgers, whom she married in 2022. The ring features a large oval diamond surrounded by a halo of smaller diamonds, set on a pave diamond band.

oval engagement rings worn by celebrities

Oval Engagement Ring Cost

When it comes to diamond prices, several factors come into play, including the 4 Cs (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight), as well as the shape of the diamond. Generally, diamond shapes are priced according to their demand and yield from the rough diamond. Overall, oval diamonds are often more affordable than round brilliant diamonds, primarily because of their lower demand compared to the round diamonds, which are the most popular and sought-after shape. Additionally, they tend to have a better yield from the rough diamond, meaning that less material is wasted during the cutting process, which contributes to the lower price compared to round diamonds.

Here’s a look at what you can expect to pay for a high-quality 1-carat diamond according to shape.

Diamond ShapeNumber of FacetsApproximate Price Range
Round Brilliant57-58 facets$3,500-$5,500
Princess57 or 76 facets$3,000-$4,500
Oval56-58 facets$2,700-$4,500
Cushion58 facets$2,500-$4,000
Emerald50-58 facets$2,500-$4,500
Pear58 facets$2,700-$4,500
Marquise58 facets$2,700-$4,500
Radiant70 facets$2,500-$4,500
Asscher74 facets$2,600-$4,500

Where to Buy Oval Engagement Rings

It can be overwhelming with all the options available, but there are some go-to places that are renowned for their vast selection of oval engagement rings. We’ve included a list of our top picks, below. These retailers offer a wide selection of GIA-certified oval diamonds, meaning you can trust both their quality and expertise when it comes to buying a diamond.

Blue Nile

As one of the largest online retailers of diamonds and fine jewelry, Blue Nile offers a wide selection of oval engagement rings with various settings, styles, and price points. You can also visit one of their showrooms to view their engagement rings in person.

James Allen

This online retailer is known for its extensive inventory and 360-degree views of diamonds, making it easier to find the perfect diamond for your engagement ring.

Tiffany & Co.

For those who appreciate luxury and timeless designs, Tiffany & Co. is a classic choice. They offer a selection of oval engagement rings, including their iconic Tiffany Soleste and Tiffany Novo designs.

Local jewelers:

Don’t forget to explore your local jewelry stores, as they may have unique oval engagement rings and provide personalized service to help you find the perfect ring.

*Price is based on a high-quality, 1-carat diamond.

The Best Oval Engagement Rings for 2023

Ready to start shopping? These rings made their way into our editor’s carts.

blue nile oval engagement ring

Petite Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring

This elegant diamond ring is brilliantly crafted with 14k yellow gold and a vibrant half-circle of petite micropavé diamonds that will captivate anyone who catches it sparkle.

tiffany oval engagement ring

Tiffany Soleste® Oval Halo Engagement Ring with a Diamond Platinum Band

Featuring a masterfully cut oval center stone surrounded by a halo of brilliant diamonds, this eye-catching design catches the light as you turn.

oval engagement ring

Oval Cut Diamond Three Stone Engagement Ring

The exquisite oval cut diamond is the star of the ring, featuring two pear-shaped side stones to make it truly unique.

oval engagement ring

Oval Lab Grown Diamond Double Prong Halo Engagement Ring

The stunning Badgley Mischka design features a double prong halo of pave set diamonds surrounding an oval lab grown diamond center gemstone, creating a dazzling effect that’s even more brilliant than mined diamonds!

oval engagement ring

Rose Cut Oval Engagement Ring

Simple yet oh-so chic, this elegant 14k gold ring features a romantic rose cut oval diamond elegantly outlined by the brand’s signature milgrain-edged triangles.

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