These 10 Wedding Food Bar Ideas Look AMAZING

wedding food bar ideas
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We’re always in awe of the imaginative ways wedding caterers display food, and one of their pro tricks is the food bar. There’s just something way more exciting when there’s a theme to your wedding food bar vs., say, a regular buffet. Having a brunch wedding but can’t decide what to serve? Set up a wedding food bar with blueberry, chocolate chip or even apple cinnamon pancakes or waffles. Having a rustic outdoor wedding? Think burgers, pickles and ice cream! For some major inspiration that will make you hungry, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite wedding food bar ideas, below.

1. Cookie Bar

A warm chocolate cookie always wins us over, but we’re not limited to just chocolate chip cookies here. We can’t discriminate against our fellow friends the peanut butter, the snickerdoodle, and the M&M. And with a cookie bar, you won’t have to. We suggest including a selection of flavored milks at your cookie bar as well…traditional, chocolate and strawberry will do. You can also set this wedding food bar up as a favor section, so guests can take their favorite cookies and milk on the road.

wedding food bar
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2. Pie Bar

Pie, pie, and more pie. From fruity berries to chocolate pudding and pecans, these little gems make a palette-pleasing sweet treat. You can choose to serve up mini portions, or a selection of traditional sized pies (think different shapes and lattice work), which both make excellent wedding food bar options. Plus, this bar is perfect for brunch and evening weddings alike, because we’ll eat pie at any hour.

wedding food bar
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3. Pickle Bar

Looking for a cheeky idea? How about setting up a pickle bar. From half sours to kosher dill, we’re talking all sorts of pickles here. We like this tabletop display, but also think a great idea would be to set up a few barrels of your favorite pickles with detailed signs on each one with the flavor profile. Perfect for a rustic outdoor wedding, don’t you think?

wedding food bar
Photography by Andi Mans Photography via Southern Weddings

4. Hot Cocoa Bar

Is there anything more warm and inviting at a winter wedding than a great cup of hot cocoa? And what better than to be able to choose your toppings? From marshmallows to peppermint sticks and caramel sauce, there’s a world of possibilities for each personalized cocoa. The use of copper mugs here (traditionally used for Moscow mules), is a great idea in our book. You could also create signature mugs that can also serve as wedding favors for the taking.

wedding food bar
Via Hawthorne and Main

5. Bloody Mary Bar

We think the Bloody Mary bar was created just for brunch weddings. It’s not only tasty and filling, but this will allow guests to become their own master mixologist with options like pickles, hot peppers and chili sauce.

wedding food bar
Via Foodie Crush

6. Pretzel Bar

We’re taking the classic and jazzing it up a bit. The classic soft pretzel needs no introduction, it’s perfect just salted. But we also think guests will love the idea of being able to choose their own toppings and dips to accompany this doughy treat. One of our favorites? A dusting of cinnamon sugar. Yum.

wedding food bar
Via @24CarrotsCatering on Instagram

7. Burger Bar

Medium well with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup? Yes please! Though we advise having a chef on hand to cook burgers so they’re hot and ready-to-go, we think a burger bar makes an excellent choice for a casual wedding, allowing guests to pile on their own yummy toppings. Also, if that chef is cooking some fried eggs to throw on that burger? We’ll love you.

wedding food bar
Via Completely Delicious

8. Soda Float Bar

Remember that root beer float you rarely got to have but totally loved? Pay it some special nostalgic attention at your wedding by setting up a soda float bar. To keep it classic, you can offer soda options like root bear and coke, with signature vanilla ice cream. But you can also chat with your caterer (or if you’re DIY’ing) about more modern ideas, like this watermelon soda float. Consider offering a splash of bourbon for the standard float, in case guests wants to make theirs a bit boozy.

wedding food bar
Via Farmwife Cooks

9. Ice Cream Bar

The signature summer treat takes on a whole new meaning with an ice cream bar. We can see this wedding food bar setup with basics like chocolate and vanilla or gourmet ice cream (our favorites are Graeter’s and Jeni’s), a variety of cones (waffle cones preferred), and a grand selection of toppings like sprinkles, and cookies. In order to keep the ice cream frozen, you’ll need designated scoopers there to fill the cones for guests. WGM idea: You can also provide a basket of cookies so guests can make their own ice cream sandwiches.

wedding food bar
Photography by Ruth Eileen Photography via Style Me Pretty

10. Waffle Bar

This brunch token is one of our absolutely favorites. For brides throwing a morning bash, we highly recommend a waffle bar. You can start with a plain waffle, and offer a variety of toppings from fresh fruit to artisanal flavored syrups. You can also create jars of your favorite syrup that guests can take as a favor. Once again, food bar AND wedding favor? Check and check.

wedding food bar
Photography by Nicole Conner Photography via The Sweetest Occasion

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