8 Bizarre Wedding Cakes That You Have to See to Believe

Though many modern-day couples opt for alternatives to the traditional wedding cake, the dessert dates all the way back to Roman times. Trends like ruffles and ombré have come and gone, but for centuries, the wedding cake has served as one of the key features of a wedding reception.

That said, while the dessert is certainly important, there are definitely couples that have taken things in a, uhh, slightly different direction. Check out eight cakes below that skipped right over avant-garde to just plain weird.

1. Marriage Collapsing

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Marriage Collapsing
Source: Pupil

2. Dead Groom

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Dead Groom
Source: Pupil

3. Casual Murder

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Casual Murder
Source: Pupil

4. Helping Hand

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Helping Hand
Source: Pupil

5. Immortal Love

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Skeletons
Source: Pupil

6. Zombie Attack

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Zombie Attack
Source: Pupil

7. Giant Bride

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Giant Bride
Source: Pupil

8. Total Takedown

Bizarre Wedding Cakes Takedown
Source: Pupil

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