Where to Find Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

maternity bridesmaid dresses

Having a pregnant bridesmaid is all the more reason to celebrate, but chances are you’re both going to wonder at one point what the eff they should wear. We’ve got a few options for finding (and wearing) maternity bridesmaid dresses, below, that you and your pregnant bestie or relative will feel comfortable with. Here’s what you need to know when you or your bridesmaid are shopping for maternity bridesmaid dresses!

1. Bridesmaid dress retailers such as Dessy and David’s Bridal typically have a couple of maternity bridesmaid dresses available (that are actually designed for pregnant bridesmaids), but there’s not a big selection. Keep that in mind if you’re looking for related styles in their regular bridesmaid dress section and want to find an exact match. Which brings us to point #2…

2. While other brands such as J. Crew don’t specifically offer maternity bridesmaid dresses, their consultants do know which styles will fit pregnant bridesmaids best. Depending on how far along your bridesmaid is they will want to order up a size or two (or several). However, I would highly suggest having your pregnant friend try on the style first before committing the entire group to it if you’re looking for matching dresses.

3. Alterations, as mentioned above, will definitely work for some pregnant bridesmaids/dresses, but not all. Sometimes the cut of even an empire-waist dress just won’t accommodate a growing belly, whcih means your friend might have to spend quite a bit to get it altered. If you have your heart set on a non-maternity bridesmaid dress, considering offering to pay for the alterations if you can.

4. Want to go the easiest route? Consider picking a dress color or pattern (like stripes!) that you love, and letting each bridesmaid pick out their own style from any store they want. Chances are this will make your pregnant bridesmaids the happiest, since she can potentially stick with a brand she already knows and loves, or can find a cut that she feels is most flattering to her.

If you go with the “pick your own dress” option, I’ve selected a few of my favorite options, below. By the way, ASOS is killing it when it comes to cute maternity dresses. I’m not pregnant and I want to wear ALL of them. Note to other stores: You need to catch up!

Share these with your friends and see what they think. If none of these grab their attention, at least it might give everybody a better idea of where to look, and what style you like.

Looking for something different? Check out these awesome bridesmaid dresses.

bridesmaid dresses
ASOS Maternity Pleated Midi Dress with V Neck in Metallic, $63.43
bridesmaid dresses
ASOS Maternity WEDDING Maxi Dress With Cold Shoulder, $99.67
bridesmaid dresses
ASOS Maternity Skater Dress in Ombre Colourblock , $99.67
bridesmaid dresses
Leota ‘Ilana’ Belted Maternity Dress, $105.86
bridesmaid dresses
H&M – MAMA Jersey Dress – Dark blue/striped – Ladies • H&M • $24.95
bridesmaid dresses
Morning Dress • Rachel Pally • $238
bridesmaid dresses
Japanese Weekend Basket Weave Maternity/Nursing Maxi Dress, $108.00
bridesmaid dresses
Forever Dress • Rachel Pally • $238
bridesmaid dresses
ROSIE POPE ‘Hampton’ Maternity Dress, $98.00
bridesmaid dresses
Isa Dress • Rachel Pally • $229
bridesmaid dresses
ASOS Maternity Midi Dress With Embellished Top, $135.92

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