What to Register For When You Already Have the Essentials

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More than half of engaged couples live together AND are in their 30’s, which means the chances that you already have a lot of household basics (like everyday dishes) by the time you say “I Do” are pretty high. But just because you already have an iron and some pots and pans, doesn’t mean you can’t register for upgraded essentials. In fact, if you’re a Marie Kondo fan like we are, we’d say there’s no better time than when you’re setting up your registry to take inventory of things that “spark joy” for you. And those sheets that have been washed a gazillion times are probably not cutting it.

My husband and I have been married 9 years, and even though we are pretty much set when it comes to furniture and even dishes (though honestly I can never have enough ceramic mugs) we only recently replaced the basic flatware set we’ve had since before we got married. Why didn’t we just register for a great set back then?! The same goes for our towels, sheets, and even a duvet cover. We thought the basics would cover it, but honestly it seems silly that we never opted for an upgrade.

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One of our favorite wedding planning companies, Zola, makes registering for everything from the essentials to those much needed upgrades easier than ever. But the best part is that if you only need a few household items to fill in the gaps, Zola is one of the only registries that offers honeymoon and cash funds (not to mention amazing experiences) alongside traditional wedding gifts.

PRO TIP: Unless you want to be inundated with random vases from aunts and cousins, set up a wedding registry. Guests are going to want to send you a gift, so the easier you can make it for them, the better!

We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite wedding registry picks, below, for those looking for great “upgrade” options as well as wedding gifts that think outside the box (like a cash fund).

Take Your Cooking Up a Notch

In your 20’s, most of your cooking might have been more of the “Press for 1 minute” microwave kind, but your wedding registry is the perfect time to change that. Consider adding professional quality cooking tools to your registry list that will inspire you to create your own Chopped kitchen at home.

Wüsthof Gourmet 18-Piece Premium Knife Block Set
KitchenAid Gourmet Mandoline Slicer

Accessorize Your Favorite Rooms

When it comes to interior design, most experts will tell you it’s the details that really make a room stand out. If you’re looking for wedding gifts to add to your registry, consider unique furniture pieces and accessories that will not only elevate your decor game, but help make your house feel like a home.

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Crosley Furniture Aimee Bar Cart
Sonos PLAY:5 Wireless Speaker

Fun Funds

While you’ll still want to add traditional gifts to your wedding registry (like the ones mentioned on this list), consider adding cash funds into the mix as well. Zola makes it easy to blend the two, with options to create honeymoon or cash funds. Zola suggests personalizing each fund as much as you can, such as “Honeymoon Airfare” or “We’re Building Our Dream Home,” and allowing guests to contribute any amount they want.

PRO TIP: Whether you’re registering for traditional gifts or cash, be sure to offer a wide array of prices to accommodate different guest budgets.

Start your cash and honeymoon funds here.

Revolutionize Your Kitchen

Amp up your kitchen arsenal with appliances that can transform any meal from good to great. Make barista-quality coffee, whip up a smoothie, or cook healthier (and easier) versions of everyday favorites.

NuWave Digital Air Fryer
Breville Barista Express Espresso Machine

Create Hotel-Worthy Moments

The Sunday Scaries become way easier to take when your morning or nightly routine is made more luxe. Consider taking your registry to the next level with sheets and towels that boast an upgraded thread count, pillows that remind you of your favorite hotel, or a plush robe that lets you live your best #robelife.

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Frette Single Ajour Sheet Set
Matouk Kiran Bathrobe

Elevate Your Day-to-Day

Guests love knowing that they contributed towards something you love, and one of the best ways to have them share in that is to gift you an experience that can’t be replicated. In addition to cash and honeymoon funds, one of the things we love about setting up a Zola registry is that you can also register for unique experiences and gifts. Whether it’s a monthly wine or coffee subscription or the option to gift you and your spouse your wedding album, guests will jump at the chance to get you something you’ll definitely use every day.

Blue Bottle Coffee 3-Month Blue Bottle Coffee Subscription
Artifact Uprising Hardcover Wedding Photo Book

Up Your Travel Game

Before we got married my luggage consisted of a hand-me-down suitcase from my parents and whatever shopping bag I managed to grab before heading out the door. Now that I’ve racked up more travel miles, I finally realize just how important travel accessories (like luggage) really are. Think about adding not only a great set for your and your spouse, but items that will help keep you organized AND capture memories.

CALPAK Astyll 3-Piece Luggage Set
GoPro HERO7 Silver Camera

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