10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Florist

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When you start interviewing potential wedding vendors, it can be hard to keep all the questions you have for them straight. Especially for florists, who are responsible for creating much of the design and overall vibe of your wedding. Since your florist should be one of the first vendors you reach out to (alongside your photographer and planner, if using), you’ll want to make sure you have a game plan for each and every vendor interview. Below, we’ll walk you through the 10 questions to ask a wedding florist before you sign on the dotted line.

questions to ask a wedding florist

1. How do you like to work with couples to come up with a design? Are you open to recreating arrangements we’ve seen and like, or working off Pinterest mood boards?

Most couples aren’t really sure where to start when it comes to floral design, so it helps to get an idea of what your florist recommends. One of the most important questions to ask a wedding florist is if they can help you come up with a color palette depending on things you like or pin? This question will help give you a sense of how willing they are to work with you creatively.

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Looking for inspiration?

One of the best places to find wedding color and theme inspiration (aside from Pinterest) is by browsing Save the Dates and invitations! This is often where you’ll see color palettes and styles you didn’t even know you loved. Minted has one of the best assortments of unique designs from independent artists, including a huge selection of botanical-inspired invitations we love (like this ‘Bold Bouquet’ design.)

2. Do you have a minimum spend? What does it include, and what are the extras?

Most florists have a minimum spend, so it’s good to know what this is up front. As with every vendor, don’t be afraid to tell them what your wedding budget is, and if they are willing to work within it.

You’ll also want to find out what their rate includes. For instance, one of the key questions to ask a wedding florist is if delivery, set-up, and/or tear down is included? If not, what are the fees? Also, what if you need to move flowers from one location to another (such as from a church to a reception venue, or from your ceremony space to your wedding tables).

Vases are another topic to bring up. Do you rent or purchase vases from the florist, or are they included in the centerpiece cost?

3. Will you be the one designing and setting up the flowers?

Ideally you’ll be able to work directly with the florist who is designing your floral arrangements. If not, it’s helpful to ask them how their design process works.

4. What are the day-of logistics?

Florists are integral to your wedding day timeline. Not only are they delivering highly-sensitive arrangements that can easily wilt or break, but they need to be set up within a strict timeframe to make sure they’re available for not only your ceremony and reception, but your wedding portraits as well. Ask your florist when delivery and setup is made, and how they will work with your wedding planner or venue coordinator to make sure everything happens on time.

Also, one of the questions to ask a wedding florist is when the arrangements are typically made, and how they are stored? Arrangements should ideally be made the day before your wedding, maximum two. They should also be hydrated and stored in a temperature-controlled room until they reach your venue.

5. Do you offer additional decor and/or rentals (such as ceremony arches, votives, etc.).

Florists are often a great resource for other decorative items such as chuppahs, candelabras, table runners, etc. Ask them what other decorative objects they rent, or if they can provide great recommendations to places that do.

wedding day decor

Where to Find Unique Decor

From programs and wedding signs to table numbers, menus, votives, and even cake stands, you can find an amazing collection of wedding day essentials on Minted.

6. Can you create a sample arrangement for us before we sign the contract? What would the fee be for it?

Just like you would get a hair and makeup trial before choosing a hair/makeup artist, it’s important to see a sample of your ideal arrangement as well. I’ve heard a lot of stories from couples who fell in love with a florist’s portfolio, only to be disappointed by their ability to create an arrangement in the style they loved. One of the main questions to ask a wedding florist is whether they can create a sample floral arrangement for you before you hire them, and if so how much it would cost?

7. Are we allowed to have additional floral or other decor items that aren’t from you?

If you’re hoping to DIY your wedding bouquet but not your centerpieces, you’ll want to confirm with a florist ahead of time if you would be allowed to do that under their contract terms.

8. Have you worked with your venue before? If so, what type of florals do you think work the best?

Hiring vendors that have worked at your venue before gives you a huge advantage. Not only do they know the space, but they often know things you wouldn’t (such as how the light from the afternoon sun looks gorgeous with blush flowers, or that you really need taller centerpieces to give the room a feeling of more height).

9. What type of arrangements/flowers would you recommend in order to optimize our budget?

A great florist will be able to make recommendations to you on ways you can save, such as choosing heartier flowers so you need less of them.

10. If our wedding cake and/or wedding cake table needs flowers, are you able to work with our cake designer on that?

Incorporating flowers on your wedding cake is gorgeous. And if your cake designer recommends them, it will be ideal to make sure you get matching, quality blooms. Asking your florist if they’ll work with your cake designer will help you know ahead of time what’s possible.

Other questions you’ll want to make sure you ask your wedding florist include:

  • Do you have availability on our wedding date?
custom wedding invitation suite

It’s Time to Find Your Save the Dates!

Once you have your wedding date, you’ll want to start looking for Save the Dates as well as start your wedding website. With Minted you can choose from thousands of matching invitation and website designs, or create a custom one with your own designer. Get a free custom url upgrade on your wedding website with the code WGMCUSTOM.

  • Our budget is X and our guest list is around X. Would you be able to work with us?
  • Can we see recent examples of your work within our budget?
  • What is your cancellation policy?
  • What is your rescheduling policy?
  • What is the payment schedule, including deposit and balance due?

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