Talking About an Ex, Debt & Divorce: The Oddest Things People Said in Their Vows

There’s no denying that writing personalized wedding vows can be an intimidating task. You somehow have to find the right words to encompass your love for your S.O., while keeping in mind that you’ll be reading those words in front of other people. However, the exchange of wedding vows is almost always endearing, no matter the words used.

There are exceptions, though. BRIDES compiled eight of the most shocking things people have said in their vows, and let’s just say that “shocking” is an understatement.

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Mentioning an Ex

Ben H. told BRIDES he “thought it would be funny” to write his vows as if he was promising not to repeat mistakes he’s made in past relationships. “I talked about an ex-girlfriend and all the things I did wrong in that relationship and how I vow to never do those things again,” the 38-year-old said. “I guess I went into a bit too much detail. My wife didn’t appreciate it and still, six years later, is pissed off that I did that. I was just trying to be funny.”

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Anticipating a Divorce

“I guess I knew that it would be weird to talk about divorce in our vows but I also just wanted to bring up the fact that it could eventually happen,” Chris W., 45, told BRIDES, adding that this was his second marriage. “So I said something like, I vow to love you up until you hire a high-powered divorce attorney to try to take everything I have. Some people at the ceremony actually laughed.”

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Revealing Secret Debt

If you’re hiding something from your fiancé, the best time to tell them about it probably isn’t during your wedding ceremony — but Claire W. did. “I said I promise to you love you through all the cliché things, if you promise to love my messy hair, my vintage style, and oh yeah, my credit card debt,” the 28-year-old told BRIDES. “He didn’t know I had any of that so it was a sneak attack.”

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