A British Couple Is Looking For a Wedding Videographer — But There’s a Catch

What better way to immortalize all of the precious moments on your wedding day — both big and small — than with a videographer? Photos are important too, but videos capture so much more. So it certainly wasn’t a surprise to see a posting from a couple in England requesting the services of a wedding videographer… at least until you read to the end.

The ad was placed on the British website Bark.com, where people can find a variety of professionals for different services. Here’s the thing, though — Bark themselves said that the requested service isn’t one they normally provide. But for this couple, the site is making an exception.

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Here’s the request in full:

My fiancé and I got engaged during Christmas time in 2016, and since then we’ve been planning and planning for our big day. Most of the stuff we’ve sorted now and I couldn’t be happier with how the day is shaping up, but there are also still a couple of things I haven’t sorted. One of the things we need is a bit unique, but we’re hoping someone will be able to help.

Both myself and my fiancé believe that your ‘wedding day’ shouldn’t just be limited to a day, and actually your wedding night is just as important. Obviously during the day, everyone has photographers and videographers etc capturing all of the days moments and memories, but it’s not a norm for someone to have that on their wedding night.

Since we got engaged we’ve both been in agreement that we want a videographer to film our wedding night, but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find anyone willing, or who we’ve felt comfortable enough around. We originally asked our day videographer to do it, but he said he didn’t feel comfortable doing it, and that it wasn’t something he’d done before.

Obviously we know that this is a bit of a weird request, but we just really don’t want to forget any moments from our day, or night, which is why we want everything on tape. Because of the nature of the request, and the fact our wedding is just around the corner in September, we’ve set aside around £2,000 [$2,600 USD] for it, but obviously there is some wiggle room on that.

We’re getting married in the Cotswolds in September, but we’ll talk about it in proper detail once we’ve found the right person. We don’t want the tape to go anywhere at all and it’s just for personal use between me and my fiancé, which is why it’s so important for us to find someone we feel we can trust 100%.

We’ll need you to start at around 1am and work until around 3am. But this might change depending on what time the party finishes etc. We’d like a mixture of still and moving shots, and we also want it all to look professional, so any lighting in the room etc will need to be sorted beforehand.

We’ve been looking for someone to do this for such a long time and to be honest this is our last chance to get one really. So, if you can help or think you can do this please let me know. We know it’s an odd request but it’s something we’re really keen on.

Thanks in advance!

Honestly, if you’re going to be filmed on your wedding ~night~, you might as well make it professional.

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Due to the request being “unusual” for the site, Bark posted it in a blog to help the couple “find the right person for the job.” They’re also maintaining the husband and wife-to-be’s anonymity.

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If that weren’t awesome enough, Bark’s co-founder, Kai Feller, even weighed in. “We know how important videographers are for married couples across the UK; it’s one of our most popular categories on the site along with wedding photography and house cleaning,” he said. “However, this is the first time we’ve been alerted to a request of this nature.”

Feller continued, “Obviously wedding night videography isn’t a service we explicitly offer on site, but hopefully one of our videographers is willing to help the couple out. Who knows, if we have a lot of applications perhaps we could look at making it an additional service on the site.”

The wedding is currently planned for September, so hopefully the publicity from Bark helps the couple land an adventurous videographer!

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