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versace mansion miami

UPDATE: You can in fact now have your wedding at The Versace Mansion. Read our updated wedding venue listing for the Versace Mansion, now known as The Villa.

Miami Beach’s Versace Mansion, as it is still fondly remembered as, is currently off the market as a potential wedding venue but is back on the real estate market. And a famous couple reportedly has their eye on it.

The former home of fashion designer Gianni Versace, who lived there until he was tragically killed in 1997, is going up for auction on September 17, with a starting bid of $25 million. Think it might be fun to go and check out? Think again. Only interested buyers are allowed to attend, and they must make a deposit of $3 million to even get in the door. That shouldn’t be a problem for David Beckham and wife Victoria (a.k.a. Posh Spice), who are rumored to be interested in the property. David Beckham is thought to be seriously considering a move to Miami, where he would bring his MLS soccer team.

versace mansion wedding

versace mansion wedding

The location of the mansion would put Posh and Becks smack dab in the middle of Ocean Drive in Miami Beach, which would be kind of nuts. When Versace lived there the area was not nearly as developed, and he could casually walk down for his morning breakfast at The News Cafe (as he so often did) without many people noticing. The scene is a bit different today, and has become way more commercialized. However, as a Miami native who grew up near the famed house, I still think it would be an amazing place to live.

In the past few years (before the owners filed for bankruptcy) couples were able to rent the property for weddings. At last check the cost to have your wedding at the Versace Mansion (formerly known as Casa Casuarina and The Villa By Barton G)  was $10,000 for the facility rental fee, and a $35,000 food and beverage minimum. We’ll have to wait and see if couples will be able to get married there again, or if Posh and Becks will end up calling the Versace Mansion home sweet home.

versace mansion miami

versace mansion miami



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