184 North 10th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211
(718) 599-7007
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Average Base Cost: $22,000

Average base cost for a Mymoon wedding is calculated by figuring a 120-person guest list for a 5-hour event rental of the property on a Saturday night featuring top-shelf bar options, a seated meal, and a garden ceremony. Transportation to venue, entertainment, decor, and flowers are not included. Average price includes gratuity and state sales tax. Price is rounded up to the nearest thousand.

How it Breaks Down

A Standard Wedding Package for a Friday or Saturday evening wedding for 120 guests at Mymoon includes:

  • Entire restaurant will close for your event
  • 1 hour passed hors d’oeuvres (4 different types)
  • Three course dinner, seated or buffet
  • 3 hours of unlimited premium open bar or 5 hours of regular (includes unlimited wine, beer, and well or premium brand liquors depending on package)
  • DJ booth/equipment
  • All restaurant dishes/glassware/serveware, etc. included
Mymoon Restaurant


  • Garden Ceremony Fee: $500
  • Upgrade to 5-hour premium bar: $1,500
  • $125/pp for each additional guest over 120

Party On! Weddings typically begin at 5 p.m. and guests do not have to be out at a specific time.

Mymoon Garden Restaurant

More Stats

Space Type: Inside/Outside

Size: The inside can accommodate up to 150 guests (though the restaurant says this would be very tight), and up to 130 guests outside in their garden/patio area, for a total of 280.

Food Service Type: Buffet/Seated

How Will Grandma Get There? Mymoon is located in Williamsburg, which if you’re not familiar with it, is the hipster capital of Brooklyn (and my former neighborhood. What up!). The venue is a mere 2 blocks from the Bedford Ave. L stop, and is probably one of the easiest Brooklyn locations to get to via Subway. Even though there are more Brooklyn/Williamsburg hotel options than when I lived there a few years ago, if Grandma is coming from out of town and there are Manhattan activities on the schedule, I would recommend out-of-towners stay in the city. The great thing about Williamsburg is it’s super easy to get to, via cab or subway.

Mymoon Wedding

Mymoon Wedding

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The Report

The former boiler room of an old Williamsburg factory, Mymoon is a Mediterranean restaurant with a Turkish twist. Lamb, skirt steak, and baby pork are common menu items, and their tapas have a Spanish infusion. The interior of the restaurant is chic industrial, with a mixture of leather booths and farm tables. The garden/patio is charming yet simple, and has a nice open floor plan so it can be configured for a ceremony, cocktail hour, or for dinner seating.

Woman Getting Married Says

I think this venue is a great option for those looking to get married in Willy’burg. The location is great, and the venue has enough character on its’ own that you won’t have to spend money decorating it. Given some mixed reviews by restaurant patrons (food portion sizes, service, and at times food quality), I would definitely go for dinner one night to check it out. From what I’ve seen couples that have gotten married there seem to have had a positive experience.

Mymoon Venue

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Amenities/What’s Included 6
Convenient for Grandma 7
Layout 6
Location 8
Overall Charm 7
Venue Value 8

WGM Rating

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  1. says: Victoria

    DO NOT HAVE YOUR WEDDING HERE! On January 7, I reached out to Lee Chappell, My Moon’s wedding coordinator because I wanted to have my wedding there on May 26. Lee told us that the day was available, and on the same day we asked to schedule a tour for 3 days later. Lee replied that we could not come that day, and sent us a list of available dates. We scheduled one for Thursday. Worried that someone else would take the day, we called My Moon and spoke with the day manager, Steven. We told him that we wanted to book the day. He told us that he would pass the info. to Lee, and that should someone else want the day, we would receive preference. Lee responded acknowledging that we wanted to book the day, and he said, “dates are not held until after a proper contract has been created which happens after you have a tour”. Wednesday, the day before our scheduled tour, Lee informed us that another couple was interested in the date and that they had a tour booked for the same week. He told us he could draw up a contract for us to secure the date, which is something he could have simply done when we officially asked to book. Exactly 9 minutes later, he sent a second e-mail saying that the other couple asked him to draw up a contract and he gave the day to them. They “popped in” prior to their scheduled tour time when we were told not to come earlier. I told Lee that I would book immediately, but he said it was too late.

    My fiancé and I went to My Moon that same night to discuss the situation in person, and did so with two managers, Rina and Steven. We presented them with all the e-mails, they read over them very carefully and were clearly in agreement. Steven even told us that this was not the first time that Lee had pulled something like this. They told us they would contact us the following day, the same day as our scheduled tour appointment, which we still held. I called at noon that day, and Steven said the boss was not in yet. I called again a little over an hour before the tour and Rina immediately gave the phone to Lee. First Lee lied and said the other couple’s tour was scheduled before ours, though I have in writing that NO ONE EXPRESSED INTEREST IN THE DAY OTHER THAN US, AND THAT THEIR TOUR WAS SCHEDULED FOR THE SAME WEEK AS OURS. Then he started lying and saying they had physically come in a week prior, which again, is not true, and I can back it IN WRITING. He went back and forth between acknowledging this and lying about it. I asked to speak to the owner after about 10 minutes of back and forth where I would say that we asked to book 3 days before the other couple, and Lee would ignore this and then apologize “that I felt that way”. A fact in writing is not a “feeling”.

    He finally transferred me to the owner who gas lighted me from beginning to end of the conversation. Now the story was that the other couple came 2 weeks before us and asked for a contract first. This is not a controversy – I have, in facts, in writing, that this is a blatant lie. He refused to acknowledge any documented fact that I put forth and literally lied the ENTIRE time. When I told him that his managers agreed with me the night before, and about Steven’s comment, he put them on speakerphone for me to repeat. Both Steven and Rina acted as though the previous night never happened. Steven literally lied and said those words never left his mouth. I was absolutely livid. They too lied and said the other couple had been on the tour weeks earlier, when again, they said no one expressed interest, AND I HAVE WRITTEN PROOF THAT IS A LIE.

    Would you really trust your wedding to people like this? I also found a review on The Knot detailing how they double booked another wedding and had to cancel one of them three months before the date, and did not give her any money lost on vendors.