Wedding Song: Secret Garden

I still love watching the movie Jerry Maguire. There’s several moments where Tom Cruise does his famous smile/longing stare that–I’m sorry–still totally get me. I mean, the guy is cute no matter what planet he’s from.

I haven’t heard the Bruce Springsteen song that’s in it forever, but my spin instructor played it at the end of our hour-long class this morning and I totally had one of those “I forgot how much I loved that song!” moments. Another girl in class was equally happy to hear it, and I don’t know if I was just ecstatic to get off the bike or what, but it sounded great .

The hubs thinks it’s a bit cheesy, or so he said when I played it for him when I got home…but I had two responses for him: 1) It’s Bruce Springsteen and not One Direction, so there’s that. And 2) It’s good!

I think this song could work for a processional or first dance. Give it a listen and see what you think!

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