Wedding Song: Sea of Love

Some singers just “have it.” Their voice doesn’t have to be technically spot-on, and they don’t have to be what some people would term a “master” musician. They just know how to convey emotion in their voice and they know how to create a song that is vulnerable yet powerful at the same time. Cat Power has always been, in my book, one of the best female musicians and singers out there, and she makes music I want to listen to.

Her cover of  Phil Phillip’s “Sea of Love” is just downright beautiful. I used it as one of my processional songs, specifically for the bridesmaids to walk down the aisle to.

Several other artists have done covers of the song, including a cheesy one by Robert Plant. Tom Waits did a cover of the song for the Al Pacino movie, Sea of Love (which is pretty awesome if you haven’t seen it), but the song might be a little scary for a wedding. Another fun version of the song is by Iggy Pop.

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