Watch This Groom’s Awesome Wedding Dance

I guess this is what happens when two professional ballet dancers get married!

According to the Richmond-Times Dispatch, bride Valerie Tellmann-Henning (who performs with the Richmond Ballet) asked her now husband Kirk Henning to choreograph a groomsmen dance for their upcoming wedding. Henning–who also dances with the Richmond Ballet–kept dodging the question, telling his soon-to-be-wife that a hectic travel schedule meant he most likely wouldn’t be able to do it.

“I knew how important it was to her,” Henning said. “So I figured, we’re going to do this or die trying.”

Henning recruited his groomsmen–four of who were professional dancers, the other two were not–to perform an 8-minute long choreographed dance routine, sending them instructions via video four months before their July 25 wedding.

“Valerie had absolutely no idea. Her reaction, which you can see, was so cute,” said their Richmond wedding videographer Ginger Topham. “Everybody was just blown away and surprised.

Watch the amazing video, below!

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