19 Of The Best Reviewed Wedding Games To Play On Your Big Day

Best Wedding Games
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Dancing doesn’t have to be the only activity that your wedding guests partake in at your reception. Mix things up by incorporating fun wedding games! There are endless options that can work…whether you’re looking to fill up time or even provide alternative entertainment options for a dry wedding or those without a DJ.

From all encompassing wedding reception games like a photo scavenger hunt to lawn games that can be played outside, we’ve gathered a selection of activities guaranteed to make your wedding day one to remember for everyone!

How to Choose the Right Wedding Games

When it comes to picking out the best wedding games for your reception (and whether or not you should even have them), you’ll want to think about a few things.

Your wedding guests

What’s their activity level like? Are they mostly older? Younger? Are you inviting kids? Do they like games? If you and your friends are ALL about corn hole (pictured above), then having it at your wedding is a no-brainer. Or if you met your partner playing weekly trivia alongside your entire wedding party, adding it into the mix makes sense. If games aren’t on really on your or your family/friends radar when it comes to fun weekend activities, then skip them altogether!

Your venue space

If you’re already maxing out your reception area, then adding in games that take up space (or that involve guests having to crowd around one area) are probably not the best idea. However, games like bingo that guests play at their seats could definitely work.

Having enough outdoor space will also factor into whether you can play certain games that are made to be outside, such as croquet. If you do, go for it!

Your wedding timeline

Most weddings run on a timeline. This will help ensure that you can fit in things like your cocktail hour, dinner, first dances, speeches, and cake cutting before your contracted venue time ends. Certain games that require the attention of the entire room (like the “shoe game” or “name that song”) would work best if you have a longer wedding reception, while games that guests can play on their own can work for shorter timelines.

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The Best Wedding Games

Now that you know what type of wedding game you should have given your space and timeline, you can pick out the ones that sound the most fun to you and your partner. (You can also run these by your wedding party and family to get their input as well). These are a few of our favorite games to play, below.

Stand Up, Sit Down

This is a great wedding game to play towards the beginning of a reception since it acts as an icebreaker. Guests simply stand up when they agree with whatever funny question or statement is read aloud. I would talk to your DJ about planning some fun music samples to play for this.

Giant Jenga

Cornhole is always fun. But it can be good to switch it up sometimes, too! Keep it classic with regular wooden blocks, or get yours engraved with your name and wedding date. While this is traditionally an outdoor wedding game, it could work in a wide variety of venues.

Freeze Dance

A classic wedding game to play to split up the evening’s dancing. Get guests on the floor and have your MC instruct them to “freeze” in their best pose whenever the music stops. The bride and groom can act as judges!

The Wedding Shoe Game

Both the bride and the groom are asked a series of questions while standing with their backs facing each other. To answer, they either hold up their shoe or their spouse’s shoe. Oftentimes, the responses will be different, making for a funny game of trivia.

Flip Cup

This is a particularly good option for weddings where kids aren’t allowed! If there will be quite a few families, swap beer for water. Either way, designate a long table and a few red Solo cups to the well-loved drinking game.

Date Night Jar

Get a large glass jar (like this Anchor Hocking one) and put out a sign with pens and pieces of note paper asking guests to share their favorite date night ideas. Alternatively, you could ask for marriage advice cards!

Ring Toss

A perfectly themed wedding game that’s easy to set up. You could have multiple games spaced throughout the reception for guests to play whenever.

Guess Who

Best Wedding Games Guess Who
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A fun take on one of the classic table games. Fill the picture slots with photos of you and your S.O., but also members of the bridal party and groomsmen (or anyone that guests are likely to all know).

Name That Song

Have your DJ or band play a clip of a song, and the first to correctly name it can win a prize, or you could even have each winner slowly take a spot on the dance floor to participate in a special dance at the end of the game.


Dedicate a portion of the dancefloor’s time to a few rounds of karaoke, or set up a separate station that won’t disturb the main music.

Cards Against Humanity

This wedding game is a great (and hilarious!) way for guests to interact at their tables.

Best Wedding Games Word Search
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These is one of the many puzzle options you can include at your reception! Create a crossword or word search with hints, fill-in-the-blanks, and bride and groom trivia questions.

Find The Guest

Create a questionnaire with fun, interesting facts about different guests and have everyone try to track them down. You could even provide each guest in the scavenger hunt pieces of candy or other small prizes that they reward the participants with!

Reception Bingo

Have your guests keep an eye out for classic reception staples — like the wedding cake cutting, Cupid’s Shuffle or bouquet toss — with bingo cards at every seat.


Outdoor weddings, rejoice! Croquet is the perfect game for outdoor receptions. Plus, it’s super easy to set up!

Wedding Wheel

Best Wedding Games Wedding Wheel
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Create a DIY wheel that when spun, lands on fun things for the wedding party or the newlyweds to do, such as “propose a toast” or “hug a stranger.”

Eye Spy

This is a great way to entertain your guests while also getting plenty of snapshots of the reception! Have people take photos of the things they spot on the list. You can have them upload them or even provide disposable cameras that you’ll later develop!

Table Dance Challenge

Designate a particular song for each table. Whenever that song plays, the whole table will head to the dance floor to show off their best dance moves.

He Said, She Said

Create or buy pre-made cards that have a list of things either you or your S.O. have said, like “I love you” for the first time. Leave them at each table for guests to fill out, and then reveal the answers before the reception ends!

Plus, don’t forget the kids at your wedding! While most of the above games can be played by adults and children, if you are inviting little ones consider having plenty of coloring books, crayons, and even hula hoops available in a designated area.

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