10 Wedding Exits Guests Will Always Remember

Photo by Kane and Social
Photo by Kane and Social

The idea of a rice toss originated long-ago as a way to wish the newlyweds well for their future. The grain signified a small seed growing into a large crop, which was considered a sign of harvest and prosperity. And there’s something to be said for tradition. So if you want to go by the books, by all means pack up the rice and be on your way. However, these days creative wedding exits are taking off. If you’re looking for a way to make a statement with your send-off, look no further! Here are 10 unconventional ideas that will up your exit ante (and that may or may not include pom-poms and olive leaves).

P.S.: If you’re not into doing a big wedding exit at the end of the night (because some of the guests might have gone home while your wedding dance party rages on), most of these “wedding exits” can be done after the ceremony as you walk back up the aisle as well.

1. Sprigs of Fresh Herbs

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative for guests to toss at you? An herb station filled with baskets of rosemary, mint and basil (or the herbs of your choice) will do the trick! Not only do we adore the delicious scent of fresh herbs, but the rustic simplicity of a DIY herb station is kind of amazing.

wedding exit
Photography by White Haute Photography via Style Me Pretty

2. Bunches of Olive Leaves

The olive branch represents peace and has long been a symbol in Greek culture. Olive branches and lemon blossoms were woven in Greek Stefanas (wedding crowns) and placed on the heads of the bride and groom during the wedding ceremony in ancient Greece. This is still a tradition represented in modern Greek weddings today. So, what better a symbol to use as a wedding exit? This version with olive leaves placed inside Kraft bags has our vote.

wedding exit

Photography by Lindsay Madden Photography via Style Me Pretty

3. Colorful Wands

Have to keep the venue grounds clean? No worries, we got you! Consider brightly colored ribbon wedding wands, like these orange and pink ones from Etsy. Guests can wave them as you walk their way. Cheerful and colorful – without the mess!

wedding exit
Via MilkTeaMochiDesigns on Etsy ($1+ per ribbon)

4. Vintage Bells

This could be one of our favorites. We can just imagine the sweet sounds of these mismatched vintage bells as a wedding exit. Plus, they’ll definitely make for a great visual when displayed on a table at the reception. We’ll know you’ll have a great time sourcing these. Think Sunday trips to the flea market, antique store hopping and the tried and true Etsy.

wedding exit

Photography by This Modern Life via Brides

5. Boxes of Pom-poms

Crafts no more! These itty, bitty gems will add so much color to your wedding exit. They’re kind of nostalgic, totally DIY friendly, and definitely a great budget-friendly option for those who want to forgo confetti or streamers.

wedding exit
Photography by A Bryan Photo via Southern Weddings

6. Bags of Popcorn

Popcorn, what? Yes, you heard us! We’re all about this edible treat as the perfect wedding send-off. Let’s just hope guests don’t sneak too many bites during your wedding ceremony, and that there’s a few kernels left for the actual send-off. Just make sure to keep it plain – we don’t think guests will want fingers slathered in butter as they wish you well.

wedding exit
Photography by Chlee Henderson Photography via Southern Productions

7. Origami Paper-planes

Quirky brides, you’ll love this! You can set up a station of pre-assembled paper planes for guests to grab (our suggestion). Or as alternative, you can occupy guests when they arrive by placing the un-folded plane on each seat which includes the directions they need to make one themselves.

wedding exit
Photography by J&D Productions via The Springs Events

8. Rainbow Sprinkles

Eeeee! Sprinkles! Ice-cream lovers and color fanatics, this one is for you. This super-playful alternative to confetti provides all the color you need in a tiny little confection. For a summer wedding, may we suggest a display of ice cream cones filled with these? The result would be delicious.

wedding exit
Photography by Holly Von Lanken Photography via The Knot

9. Metallic Glitter

Glam bride? Opting for gold metallic confetti will definitely offer you that great photo opp you’re after. It feels kind of Gatsby-esque and we’re on board for its simple elegance. Can you really ever go wrong with gold details? We think not.

wedding exit
Photography by Kelly Kollar Photography via Style me Pretty

10. Wire Sparklers

Sparklers have pretty much become the new normal as far as wedding send-offs go. And we can totally see why. They make for dreamy photos, guests love them, and they afford attainable opulence (in lieu of actual fireworks).

wedding exit
Photography by Mint Photography via Style me Pretty

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