These Wedding Dresses Are ALL Under $200

We like to think of ourselves as a high-low wedding website. High because we love to share the best wedding venues, photographers, honeymoon hotels, and more that MIGHT fit in your budget or might be more inspirational…then we LOVE to share the low options as well, like how to come up with amazing IKEA hacks for your wedding or awesome Dollar Store wedding finds. Because who says you can’t do both? And sometimes, when you’re lucky, both those worlds combine and you get awesome style that fits perfectly in your wedding budget…like these wedding dresses from Azazie‘s latest collection.

Hello! Who wouldn’t fall in love with these styles, ALL of which are under $200? The beauty of this price point is that not only are they super affordable for those on a tight wedding dress budget, but if you’re looking for a second wedding dress these are an amazing option as well. Check out a few of our favorites below, and see the entire Fleur collection here.

NOTE: Azazie dresses are handmade and made to order, so the production time will vary depending on when you order. 

wedding dresses under $300
‘Addy’, $199
wedding dresses under $300
‘Selena’, $199
wedding dresses under $300
‘Raphaella’, $199
wedding dresses under $300
‘Kelly’ in Blush, $199
wedding dresses under $300
‘Billie’, $199
wedding dresses under $300
‘Paulette’, $199

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