Should I Hire a Wedding Videographer?

should you hire a wedding videographer
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Q: Our budget is decent but not huge, and we are currently deciding between hiring a wedding videographer or cutting down on our flower costs a bit and going with smaller and fewer centerpieces. Is a videographer worth it?- Sonia

A: Short answer? Yes! I was just talking to a bride in our Facebook community the other day about how NOT have a wedding videographer at my own wedding is one of the things I regret the most (read more about the 5 things I would have done differently at my wedding if I could go back).

My initial hesitation with hiring a wedding videographer was, to be honest, a fear of having them get in the way. I have been to events before where I felt like the videographer was too much in the way, and that giant light was sometimes annoying. But I’ve now realized that a skilled wedding videographer will know how to blend in with the crowd, which if you do hire one I suggest you bring up as a potential issue.

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When I think about our wedding day lately, I really do want a video to remind me of all the fun we had. I SO wish I had a video of me walking down the aisle with my parents, and of me and my now husband saying our vows. Even our embarrassing first dance (those dancing lessons DID NOT come in handy. LOL). While sometimes I get a bit sad/nostalgic when I see old videos of anything, I think I would really appreciate seeing everybody I loved celebrating our wedding all over again.

So yes. I do think that if you’re choosing between wedding flowers or a videographer, I would DEFINITELY skip the expensive floral arrangement and hire someone to document your big day on film instead. If you are looking at your wedding budget, on average you should allow for 8-10% of your budget for a videographer (which is the same for a wedding photographer, as well).

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