12 Hilarious and Creative Wedding Green Screen Ideas

It’s no secret — the more exciting a photo booth is, the more fun your guests will have capturing antics that you’ll want to look back on for years to come. As the night goes on, photos generally get sillier and sillier and well, maybe you won’t want to show ALL of the photos to the kids, but they’ll be THAT good.

You would never in a million years wait ’til the last second to book your wedding photographer, so don’t snooze on dreaming big for your photo booth! Photos booths are an ESSENTIAL part of wedding receptions these days. Your niece and nephew might get awkward with the real photographer, but even Grandma and Grandpa know how to get silly in the photo booth.

You want to do something amazing, but where to begin? Can’t create a giant version of your wedding cake for your friends to pose on for your photo booth? Of course not, no one has that kind of cash! Green Screen Technology to the rescue! OutSnapped has been hard at work pioneering the art of creating photo experience that are so amazing, they BREAK the space time continuum with their Selfie Teleportation System (TM). We asked them to round up some of their favorite (and hilarious) creative wedding green screen photo booth ideas, and they came up with some awesome gems, pictured here. Like more than one? You can offer your guests multiple experiences with the same booth, like the Home State Pride Green Screen booth in the list below!

The Top of Couple’s Wedding Cake

Honey, I Shrunk The Wedding Reception! OutSnapped can easily photograph the cake just before the reception begins and turn it into a backdrop in a snap! Same goes for a photo of the wedding rings, or another moment from the special day.

Honeymoon Destination

Heading to Paris, mon cheri? A gorgeous beach? What about Bali, or on a Jungle safari? Create a photo booth green screen where guests get to experience the scenic sights with you!

For the Sci-fi Lover:

Create an out of this world experience for your guests so they can share their memories and well wishes so you can live long and prosper.

For the Superfan:

Create a photo booth that takes you into your favorite film or book. For Jurassic Park, use an epic jungle photo and dinosaur digital props.

Nightclub/ Throwback Disco:

Kick your party up a notch with a photo booth green screen featuring disco scenes and digital props to go with. Think Studio 54 vibes. Groovy!

Home State Pride:

Virginia may be for lovers, but maybe your home state’s claim to fame is Las Vegas or the Hollywood Sign. Bride Maye is from New England and yearned for a backdrop of sailboats, while the groom’s family is more at home with mountains covered in pine trees dotting the landscape, and the college friends are confused without the Golden Gate bridge as a reference point. Give everyone a taste of their home turf with this iconic sights themed photo booth.

The “Drunk Tank” Holding Cell

Oh no! Your guests have partied too hard and ended up in the slammer! This comes complete with a few digital prop signs so they can let you know what they did to deserve that long night of thinking everything over.

Super Glam Red Carpet

Make the occasion as fabulous as you are with a luxurious red carpet green screen.

Art History Themed

Get artsy by taking your guests into Starry Night or other “Louvre”-worthy works.

Wedding Memes

Everyone loves memes! OutSnapped will create custom overlays and invite guests to make their own, like those shown here.

Floral Wall

Floral walls can cost $5,000 and up, but with magical green screen technology, you can have one for a fraction of that — photo booth included!

Candy Land

For the lovers with a sweet tooth, create an array of candy backdrops to strike your poses against.

BONUS: Film Buffs:

“You know, Mr. Thatcher, if I hadn’t been very rich, I might have been a really great man.” Earn a $50 booking credit with OutSnapped if you guess the film!


OutSnapped totally takes the cake when it comes to wedding photo booths, which means they’re a must-have for all you NYC brides! OutSnapped is a fun, seamless reception detail that’s a party in itself, so you won’t miss any of your guests’ hilarious antics.With over a decade in the photography industry and having photographed over a million faces, founder Nicholas Rhodes aka Nicky Digital created OutSnapped in his quest to master the art of the perfect selfie. Learn more at www.outsnapped.com or follow along on Instagram @Outsnapped.

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