Natasha & Simon Say ‘I Do’ in the Mountains

Natasha and Simon first met on a mountain, so it made perfect sense for the couple to return to a similar setting for their big day. The breathtaking views were paired with a relaxed, elegant and rustic aesthetic, perfected with lush and gentle green tones and deep reds.

Check out the dreamy wedding below, including a Q&A with the lovely bride herself. Thanks to Giant Invitations for the feature!

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Tell us about your wedding gown and how you chose it:

I fell in love with my dress on my second day of dress shopping. It was a last-minute decision to go dress shopping with my Maid of Honor Vanessa. Fairytales were having a sale and we both thought it couldn’t hurt to go and have a look. My previous attempt to find a dress had left me deflated that I would never find something in my budget and style. I initially saw the lace at first and was intrigued, it wasn’t your standard wedding gown lace and I liked that. It wasn’t on the rack but hidden behind another gown. After collecting several other dresses to try I asked the assistant if she could grab the dress I had seen earlier. I hadn’t seen anything more of the dress at this stage until I was trying in on and I fell in love. It fitted me like a glove and was everything I wanted in a dress.

Were there any DIY elements?

My favorite detail from the day was my veil. It was and is so special to me. A friend and work colleague helped me to select the lace and fabric before she spent hours sowing it all together with invisible thread. The result was amazing and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. It gave me the train my dress lacked and made me feel even more like a princess on my big day.

The DIY project we choose to undertake for our wedding was at POD jewellery forging and forming ring-making course in Kyneton. We spent the day with Bec from POD Jewellery in her little studio. We got to make and design our wedding bands from a strand of white gold and silver. Bec’s keen eye and guidance helped us to create wedding bands that will last a life time. We will also be able to enjoy the memories of making them together. I then had diamonds set into my band to give it extra sparkle, all with the help of Bec from POD Jewellery.

What sort of style did you envision for your wedding day (in terms of venue & décor + styling)?

The theme for us was simple, a great venue with close friends and family and amazing food. We wanted a relaxed but formal evening wedding that would stay as a lasting memory for not just us but all involved.

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How did you choose your venue?

We were attending a tourism network Yarra Valley night at Projekt 3488 and as we both walked in the doors, we turned to each other and said this is the one! This is our wedding venue. By this stage we had looked into over 15 venues and none had felt right. The gardens took our breath away and the venue was restored in an exquisite way that allowed the building to shine in all its charm. It suited us and it suited what we wanted in a venue that would take our guests breath away.

What was your favorite moment from the day?

The moment I stepped out from behind the doors and saw Simon’s face and all the people gathered there to witness our special moment with my dad by my side. Simon had tears in his eyes and my heart melted. It was at that moment it became real as to what we were doing. Before this moment it didn’t feel real.

Any tips that you can give to future brides?

If I can give any advice about planning a wedding it would be don’t settle, if you find a venue you love and a team of amazing people your day will go to plan. Don’t sweat the small stuff at the end of the day it will be amazing as long as those close are gathered with you to celebrate. Make sure those standing beside you on your day are the ones you truly hold close. For me my bride tribe was everything. They made the whole thing fabulous and couldn’t think of anyone else I wanted standing by my side. At the end of the day it’s about you and your fiancé, stay true to what you want.


  • Photographer: Rick Liston 
  • Dress: Jessica Couture 
  • Earrings – Grandmothers
  • Necklace – Ringwood jewelers
  • Wedding Bands: Handmade by bride and groom in workshop – POD Jewellery
  • Makeup: Lisa Cathcart
  • Hair: Oshun Retreat
  • Shoes: Nine West 
  • Bridesmaid dresses: Shieke 
  • Grooms Suit: Bell and Barnett customized Suits Eastland
  • Florist: Anouk Flowers
  • Napkins: Grey Italian Cotton Napkins- Yarra Linen 
  • Ceremony Venue: Projekt 3488
  • Reception Venue: Projekt 3488
  • Catering: Locavore studio
  • Cake: Locavore studio (White chocolate & raspberry mud cake)

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