My Favorite Ikea Wedding Finds

ikea wedding decor

Going to IKEA can sometimes feel like stages of a relationship. When you first get there everything is shiny, new, and put-together. Then by the time you’re ready to buy it, you realize that you actually have to put some effort into it to make it what you want. Some people leave as soon as they see all the parts they have to put together. Some people view it as a challenge and actually want to put it together. And some people (I’m not naming names) choose to buy it but then pay for someone else to put it together. I happen to think those latter people are pretty cool, but that’s just me. And really, I don’t know what any of that means, except that I’m probably being a tad too deep for a store whose meatballs may or may not contain horse meat.

All that aside…my main point is that aside from their furniture, one of the main reasons I love IKEA is their accessories, particularly for weddings. They’re inexpensive, stylish, and practical. And bonus? You don’t have to put (or pay anybody to put) them together. Below are a few of my recent favorites:

ikea skurar plant pot
These would look great with greens such as the ones pictured or bunches of garden roses


SKURAR plant pot, $3.99

ensidig vase ikea wedding
Try baby’s breath or poms for a vase this size

ENSIDIG vase, $3,99

stockholm candles ikea

STOCKHOLM candlesticks, $19.99 for a two pack

socker vase ikea
These would look great side by side in different colors on a rectangular dining table

SOCKER vase, $14.99 for a set of two

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